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7 Tips on Playing Resident Evil 5 ...

By Melanie

First off, I would like to add this to one of my favorite games for the x box 360. The game was the best Co-op playing game for me and my husband. We played this game for hours and finally beat it. I have some tips I would like to give you for playing resident evil 5 for the x box 360.

7 Save Ammo

Of course ammo is hard to come by; it’s a resident evil game! Ammo can be found in boxes and from enemies you kill. Avoid using too much ammo and try not to use the same guns as the other player. They tend to steal your ammo…

6 Carry Two Types of Guns

The weapons I like in this game was the Shotgun and pistol. There is tons of pistol ammo throughout the game. Shotgun ammo might be hard to get, but you can take out 2 or more enemies with one round. These guns are perfect together and will help you through the game. My husband used the Rifle and machine gun and always bugged me for ammo.. pfft!


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5 Get the Shock Stick

I’m sure it’s called something else, but it’s my shock stick. A few hours in the game, you will get a chance to buy one of these from the store. The shock stick as I call it helps fight mobs of dogs and groups of easy monsters. This is a last resort weapon, when you have no more ammo.

4 When You Shoot Aim for Head

All resident evil fans know to aim for the head, it’s a for sure kill. Of course the older games the aiming wasn’t introduced until resident evil 4. However, aim for the head kills them right away. That’s for most enemies that you encounter. Some grow new heads so beware.

3 Saving Jill

Jill is being controlled by a mechanism on her chest and you need to pry it off when you encounter her. This is hard for people playing one player. Someone has to hold Jill and the other pry it off. This can take a while! This part took us an hour of our time and that’s because we didn’t know what to do.

2 Work Together on Co-Op

Working with your partner is important in this game. There are times; you have to part from your partner. This means you either have to pull a switch or help your partner get through the next area. One part of the game that was aggregating to me was where you have to unlock a certain gate and you encounter tons of lickers on your own. Although you do have your partner and they can shoot them with a rifle, but this takes a good aim. Good thing my husband is a good aim.

1 Kill Wesker!

This guy comes back a lot! This game made me hate this character. The end part of the game when you have to kill him in the volcano was the hardest part for me and my husband. You get split up and if he catches you, it’s instant death. When you are the girl, you have to avoid falling and that was rough. You have to push buttons fast enough to stop from falling. Then you have to fight him on the rock that isn’t very big. Not easy! The idea to killing him is to have your partner run constantly around and the other shoot from afar. This makes him chase the person shooting. If he chases you when shooting, they need to do what you were doing. This helps defeat him easier.

Resident evil 5 is one of the best games I’ve played on the x box 360. I advise you to get it as well if you have a husband or wife to play with you. It’s quiet boring alone on one player. However, there is x box live co op that you can go to and play someone from across the world. Have you played the resident evils and thought this was the best one?

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