7 Tips on Playing Mass Effect 2 ...


7 Tips on Playing Mass Effect 2 ...
7 Tips on Playing Mass Effect 2 ...

I don’t know if many people played the first or even the second mass effect, but if you like space RPG’s then this is your game. Mass effect 2 is a hardcore RPG that allows you to make your own choices and do whatever it takes to make your point across. When I played this game, I decided to take the evil path. Let me give you 7 tips on playing mass effect 2.

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Pick Your Class Right

Pick Your Class Right Photo Credit: jeff.eatsleeptech

There are different classes that allow you to be the perfect soldier that can use every weapon or an all out biotic that can wreak havoc through bionic implants. Of course there are other classes to choose from and this is your choice to choose, but the easiest path would be to go the soldier class.


Choose Your Weapon of Choice

Choose Your Weapon of Choice Photo Credit: 289chjl

Soldiers can use every weapon and give more choices to destroy your enemies with each weapon. You have 5 different weapons, shotgun, pistol, assault rifle, sniper and the heavy rocket or big gun. If you get pin down and want to take advantage of picking people off from afar, you can use the sniper. When I got pin down with enemies all around, I tried to use the assault rifle and switch to the shotgun as they get closer.


X Box 360 Users Achievements

X Box 360 Users Achievements Photo Credit: jeff.eatsleeptech

The x box 360 version has achievements to earn and their kind of tricky to earn. Each achievement takes a bit of practices. However, head shots and completing parts of the game was the easy part for me. The real hard part is the brawl achievement and biotic achievement. These take practice and the brawl part is easy to use on the Husk enemies. If you’re looking for fast achievements, then this game isn’t going to be it.


Don’t Use All Your Healing Aids

Don’t Use All Your Healing Aids Photo Credit: iheartlasers

I’ve had problems through the game using too many healing aids and found myself going back to get more. Yea, you find them in certain areas, but when you play you will see. However, don’t use them unless you have too. Your teammates will revive when its safe and no enemies are present. So, sometimes it’s a waste to use them.


Use the Pistol for Hide and Shoot Situations

Use the Pistol for Hide and Shoot Situations Photo Credit: jeff.eatsleeptech

The pistol can be helpful for hiding and long drawn out battles. Later in the game, you can upgrade the pistol to being a short burst automatic. It goes through bullets, but it works great. The other pistols have more damage and is easy to head shot enemies and kill them in one hit.


Choose Bad, Mercenary or Good

Choose Bad, Mercenary or Good Photo Credit: jeff.eatsleeptech

Of course being bad has it’s advantages in the game, because you can force your way through situations. However, you pick more fights, which isn’t all bad for the experience. The mercenary way is also good, because you get to be mean and good at the same time. So you want to avoid fighting be good. The good path has advantages for your team mates being friends with you. You also can get the achievement for someone falling in love with you. Bioware games always amaze me.


Have Fun and Explore Planets

Have Fun and Explore Planets Photo Credit: jeff.eatsleeptech

You will find side quest searching and probing planets. You also get minerals to unlock weapons and upgrades. You also get to do each teammates side mission. This helps you with the achievements.

Mass effect is far from over and they also have a book. I found the book to be very interesting. However, you have to get through the first few pages to get to the story and it to be catchy. Do you play mass effect 2 and found these tips to be helpful?

Top Photo Credit: famitec.com

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