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I never like staying home alone, especially when it’s dark outside. You’d think at my age that I’d be over getting scared when staying home alone. I lock all the doors and windows when my husband and kids go out of town and it’s just me here at home. I know that a lock isn’t going to stop any intruder, if he or she wants in bad enough. Our house is by no means Fort Knox, so anyone would be able to bust down the door or window with very little effort. If you find yourself frightened about being home by yourself, then take a look at the tips listed below. Here are 8 tips for those staying home alone, no matter what age you are.

8. Keep Some Lights on in Different Parts of the House

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Don’t only leave the lights on where you are spending your time, turn some lights on in the kitchen or bedroom, or maybe even upstairs. I’m not saying that you need to turn on every light in the house and raise the electric bill sky high. Just make it look like you aren’t the only one sitting at home.

7. Lock the Doors and Make Sure the Phone Works

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Like I mentioned before, I lock all the doors and windows when I’m home alone. It gives me a certain peace of mind that I prefer to have. Even if it’s daylight outside, I still go around the house and check the doors and windows to make sure they are locked. I also like to know that my house phone is working and my cell phone is fully charged. I don’t think you can be too prepared for an emergency.

6. Get Yourself Organized

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You’d be surprised at how fast the time goes by when you are busy trying to figure out how to rearrange the bedroom or while going through your closet full of clothes and trying to decide what to keep and what to give away. Take some time to organize yourself. It will really take your mind off of things. I did so much cleaning when my husband went to California for a week. I rearranged every cabinet, drawer, closet, and nook and cranny in the house. That week flew by for me!

5. Crank up the Music and do Some Dancing

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Do you ever get to turn up the music and enjoy blasting your favorite tunes? The boys and I tend to have wars to see who can get to the speakers first. I usually give in, since they aren’t here during the week when I usually am. If you don’t get to enjoy your favorite songs at full volume very often, then take this home alone time to do just that. Who’s going to sneak a peak at you dancing around the living room? No one, that’s who. Go for it and have some fun!

4. Read a Good Book

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I’ve been able to pass the time becoming engrossed in a good book or a stack of magazines. Reading a book will take your mind off of being alone and give you some form of entertainment. I wouldn’t recommend reading any horror novels though.

3. Watch a Funny Movie to Take Your Mind off of Being Alone

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There is a stack of comedies that never fail to make me laugh. These are perfect for watching when I’m home alone for the day or evening. I’ll fix a big bag of popcorn and eat the entire thing myself. It’s fun to indulge in silly little pleasures such as this. It also takes my mind off of sitting here in an empty house all by myself.

2. Phone a Friend to Talk to

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You can call a friend and chat without telling him/her that you are home by yourself. I like to talk with friends that I don’t speak with very often. Most of my friends are as busy as I am, so we rarely get to do more than send emails to one another. Sitting home by myself gives me a chance to catch up on idle chit chat with friends. This is always a lot more fun than reading emails.

1. Don’t Advertise That You Are Going to Be Home Alone

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The worse thing you can do is let others know that you will be home alone. It isn’t as if your friends mean to let it slip that you are home by yourself, but you never know who might over hear their conversation or yours for that matter. My husband and I don’t tell people when one of us is going to be out of town. It’s just a safety precaution we’ve always taken.

My dog is by no means a guard dog. Sure she’s big, but she would rather lick an intruder to death than tear him/her limb from limb. However, despite my dog lacking the ability to protect me if I were in danger, she’s still a great companion to have when I’m home by myself. I just feel better knowing she and the cats are around. Besides these 8 tips for those staying home alone, do you have any others you’d like to add?

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