8 Tips for Adjusting to Retirement ...


8 Tips for Adjusting to Retirement ...
8 Tips for Adjusting to Retirement ...

Retirement may be a long way off for most of us, but one thing is for sure – it is a major change in your life, even if you can choose the timing. After having the structure of a work environment for so many years, suddenly you are faced with what can be similar to unemployment. So for any readers who are getting closer to collecting their pension, or who have parents in that position, here are some tips to help ease the transition.

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Financial Planning

Retirement is much easier if you have made proper financial provision for it. Obviously, the earlier you start the better, but even when close to retirement there are things that can be done to boost your income. Look at getting a better rate for your savings, downsize your home, or think about continuing working in another job.



After decades of working full-time, being free to do what you want can seem great – in principle. But when it comes to filling your day, suddenly there seems an awful lot of day to fill! So if you’re the kind of person who likes to keep active, find lots of activities to do, and take up new activities.


Your Life

When you retire, family members can see it as a great opportunity – for you to provide plenty of free childcare. It’s your life, though, so if you want to spend it enjoying yourself, then don’t be pushed into acting as a full-time childminder for your grandchildren.


Accept Change

One of the most difficult aspects of retirement is the changes in your relationship. You won’t be used to spending so much time with your other half, and it can be a tricky adjustment for both parties. Accept that things have changed, and that you have to learn to accommodate this new stage in life.


Still Useful

The psychological change can be very difficult, and people can feel that they are no longer making a useful contribution to the family or to society. You can either view retirement as a time to enjoy a well-earned rest, or you can look for ways to make that contribution.


View as Positive

If you have not chosen to retire, but have been forced to do so by management or age regulations, then stopping work can make you feel very resentful. Providing your finances are secure, then retirement is better seen in a positive light. It can afford you the opportunity to do whatever you want – many retirees enjoy travelling now that they have the time.


Contine Working

It may sound like an oxymoron, but retirement doesn’t have to mean the end of your working life. Some people simply aren’t ready to stop working, even if their employer deems them ready to stop. Look for another job or start a small business if you want to keep busy.



Many organisations are crying out for volunteers, and there are many skills which can be made use of. Even without a salary cheque, voluntary work can still offer satisfaction and a feeling of time well spent.

What would you like to spend your retirement doing – or does it seem as though you’ll have to keep working until you’re 105?

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I wish I can have enough money to retire early. Then I can enjoy life until I get old

As they say..."never retire from only retire to...."

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