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7 Tips on Playing Bioshock 2 ...

By Melanie

Time for Rapture city to finally awake after ten years since big daddy was put to sleep. His little sister torn from his arms and took against her will. Big daddy finally awakens to take is revenge on the mad scientist that took his sister. In the game there is some thing you should think about before playing. Please read my 7 Tips on Playing Bioshock 2 …

7 Conserve Ammo

I don't know how many times I ran out of ammo and had to use my melee weapon. The melee weapon packs a good hit, but you lose health too easily. By the time you get to the enemy, you get shot too much and need health. Ammo for the guns in this game is hard to get and can be a problem if you don’t have enough med packs.

6 Save Your Adam for the Right Time

In this Bioshock, you have some new powers that help you in certain situations. If you find a puddle of water, its best to shock them. Shock powers and wind chill powers slow down your enemies for an easy kill. There are tons of different possibilities that you do to kill your enemies in this game.

5 Multiplayer Carnage

There is a multiplayer this time around for bioshock and it’s awesome. The game has ranking and player customization. This means choosing your weapons and powers to use. You can unlock these powers through going up ranks. A major tip for multiplayer carnage is to get the big daddy suit in the multiplayer. Big daddy suit appears randomly in the game session and can help you kill more enemies with lots of health.

4 Repair or Hack Turrets when You See Them

By doing this, it will help you destroy your enemies easy and fast. In multiplayer there are turrets you get to hack to kill your enemies. Also helps you gain rank faster and be the top kill leader.

3 Get as Many Little Sisters as You Can

If you wonder why I said that, then you only will know if you know a bit about the story of Bioshock. You can adopt a little sister that can help you harvest Adam and there is more than one little sister in this game. However, the sister you’re looking for is the special one, but their all called his sisters. A bit creepy, but you would have to know the story. Little sisters collect Adam from the dead enemies you kill. This helps you use your powers and increase your health.

2 Keep as Many Health Kits as You Can

Health kits in the game are hard to get. Find one, try to keep it as long as you can, because their hard to find like ammo. Another thing it will help you fight the other big daddies and big sisters...

1 Always Hack Vending Machines and Med Station

Using the hack tool is important in this game. When you use the hack tool on vending machines and med stations, you get discounted prices. This allows you to get more for every dollar you spend.

Bioshock was the start to a good story and good game. Bioshock 2 made it big and even better. Now, we are waiting for Bioshock Infinity. Do you think you will be playing Bioshock 2?

Top Photo Credit: Ryan Paul Thompson

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