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8 Tips on Leveling up on World of Warcraft ...

By Aprille

Lots of tips on ways to advance in WoW are available in a number of books. If you are just getting started, these 8 tips on leveling up on World of Warcraft should be plenty to get you going. I hope some of these do help you out. Feel free to add some of your own tips in the comment section. There can never be too many!

8 Pay to Participate in Powerleveling

I consider this to be an easy way out. It might be a bit different if you are simply allowing a friend help you to advance through a few levels. But, paying a company to let one of their employees log into your account and assist you? Come on! What will they think of next to make some money. I guess the only thing that could be possibly worse than Powerleveling would be to pay for a character that is already so advanced that you never have to play any of the lower levels. I actually wouldn’t be surprised if someone already offers this option.

7 AOE Grinding Doesn’t Have to Be Boring

Area of effect grinding is thought to be the best way to level up by some players and extremely boring by others. Combining grinding and quests can spice things up enough to make leveling up not quite as boring as it would have been by grinding alone. However, if you happen to have a priest, then area of effect leveling can be very beneficial indeed. Grinding produces better rewards than questing too.

6 Go on Quests

This is often a common way to help you to advance through the various levels of WoW. There are plenty of quests to assist you through each level. It’s a good idea to line up a lot of quests in advance. If you make sure to have plenty of quests to do, then you won’t be running around between towns to try and get new ones all the time. Gathering them up in advance is a true time saver. Quite a few quests are in the same area as well, which also saves you from a lot of travel time.

5 Hunters and Warlocks Need to Control Their Pets

If you have an unruly pet, such as one that is being overly aggressive, this can cause a lot of problems. Aggressive pets tend to attract a lot more monster attention. This is because pets that are left on aggressive will attack without discrimination. Make sure you don’t leave your pet on aggressive and that you have a good one that is beneficial to you.

4 Stick with a Group

Not everyone likes to play in groups, but this can be a quick way to level up. It’s often much easier to take on a mob if you aren’t all alone. Of course, there can be some difficulty in competing with other group members over kills, but it’s possible to find a good group to work with. I wouldn’t recommend traveling all the time with a group, but it is good to join one every now and then.

3 Choose Helpful Talents when Leveling up

For instance, lots of damage per second, or DPS, will help you when you come into contact with a mob. The more DPS you have, the faster you’ll be able to take the entire mob down. The faster you can take the mob down, the quicker you can level up. Pay attention to what talents you already have and determine how you can boost these talents to benefit your leveling up process.

2 Try to Avoid Letting Your Character Die

This tip is usually a given for most players, since you have to have a character that is alive to level up. Dying doesn’t help you get to a higher level. Staying alive and following a lot of the other tips I’ve mentioned will help you to level up. Dying really slows down your progress in World of Warcraft. If you find yourself constantly getting killed during the same quest, then this might be a good sign that it’s time to drop the quest and move on.

1 When All else Fails, Ask for Help

Plenty of avid World of Warcraft players are more than willing to help fellow gamers with ways to level up. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Chances are the person who is willing to help was once in your shoes. There are also many forums to go to and see if someone else has already asked the same question you have. This will save you some embarrassment. It can also save you some time, since the answer will be available right away and you won’t have to wait for someone to get back to you.

The majority of the 8 tips on leveling up on World of Warcraft that are listed above are very general. There are tons of other tips for leveling that are geared towards Mages, Hunters, Warlocks, etc. If you are looking for a particular tip for a specific character, then it will be wise to make sure the tip you found actually works for your character. What tips do you think are the most beneficial for new players?

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