7 Tips on Playing Fallout New Vegas ...

Melanie Fitzpatrick

7 Tips on Playing Fallout New Vegas ...

Fallout New Vegas is a complex game that allows you to do whatever you want throughout the entire game. If you want to be evil and kill everyone in the game and be the most hated person in New Vegas, then you can be. On the other hand, you can be nice and play the hero card and save the people of the wasteland. Let me give you 7 Tips on Playing Fallout New Vegas …

7 Choose Your Side Wisely

In New Vegas there are factions that have their own beliefs and rules. The NCR is the military of the land. However, their main goal in New Vegas is to keep control of the Hoover Dam. You can side with them or side with the power gangers, fiends or even the Caesar. Each side makes another faction mad. So, choose wisely.

6 Pack the Right Weapons

Each weapon serves a different purpose in this game. Use a sniper or hunting rifle to pick people from afar. If you are close range, you can use energy weapons or shotgun. If your foe has armor on, you should use a gun that penetrates armor or use a gun with large amount of armor. The plasma weapon is slow, but packs a large punch to light and heavy armored enemies,

5 Learn How to Survive

In this wasteland it's hard to survive and food, water and weapons is hard to get. So, you need to make enough caps and learn how to persuade people to give you more for helping them. You should also help as many people as you can, because some people become your companion and help you by tagging along.

4 Learn How to Defeat Your Enemies

Defeating your enemies might be easy if you know exactly their weakness. If you are in a field and want to pick a few off by surprise, you should duck and use a sniper. If you have a good aim and shoot their heads or chest, you get an automatic kill. However, this is if your not detected and catch them by surprise. The sniper rifle in the game might be hard to get, but get with the gun runners to buy one.

3 Make That Money

Caps is the most important part to survival in this game. Certain parts of the game needs money to persuade or pay off people to get what you want. So, caps matter. You can make caps by looting and searching homes. Don't loose karma, unless you are going down the bad path. You can steal and make loads of caps easily. You can carry more, if you keep your armor, weapon and supplies you need at an all time low. You also can kill fiends near NCR camps or power gangers near Prim.

2 Avoid the Nightstalkers

The nightstalkers in this game is a snake like wolf in this game that has made nest throughout the wasteland. Not many weapons penetrate the armor, unless you're packing a rocket launcher. Land mines and grenades barely effect them. So, you need to make sure you ready before fighting these creatures. More you level the more perks you can use to pack more of a punch and hit harder with your weapons.

1 Choose Your Stats and Perks Wisely

Each stat you choose in the beginning of the game helps you later in the game. You want to be more of a sniper, you should stat your way to a sharp shooter. You want to be a heavy soldier, more strength will do. You also have perks. These perks allow certain abilities and adds more effects to you're gameplay.

If you decide to play this game, you should take my tips in consideration. This game is complex and takes a good mind to get through the game without being evil. You can be real sneaky in this game and kill the people without them even knowing. Do you think these tips are helpful?