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8 Tips on Painting the Perfect Picture ...

By Aprille

I’m no renowned artist, but I think I’ve got the hang of painting a good picture when I really want to. Whether you are simply dabbling a bit or serious about painting, here are 8 tips on painting the perfect picture that I have gotten to work well for me. Maybe you’ll find these tips helpful in creating a whole new style of your very own. Feel free to pass them on to others as well.

8 Know the Elements of Proper Composition

The balance of left to right, front to back, light and shade, and color are all parts of composition. Have you ever looked at a painting that had a large or dark portion on one side of the painting only? Didn’t this cause the painting to look as if it should be drooping down on one side, as if the painting was heavier on one end? This type of painting is the result of poor composition. Make sure you picture is well balanced on all sides and in all areas.

7 Be Familiar with the Technical Aspects of Painting

Oils and water colors aren’t generally used within the same picture. It’s best to stick to the same medium throughout the entire project. Have the type of paints you wish to use in mind and don’t change halfway through the project.


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6 Have the Right Equipment

For instance, you wouldn’t use a house brush to paint a fine line. The type of brushes you are using, as well as the material you will be painting on should work well together. If you have any questions about the materials you are using, ask a friend who knows a bit about painting or research the type of paints you are using. It would be a shame to have your painting be a warped and wrinkled mess because you used paints that were too heavy for the type of material you painted the picture onto.

5 Make a Rough Sketch before You Get Started

The nice thing about making a sketch of what you want to paint is that most types of paint will cover any pencil marks you’ve made. This sketch will give you a general idea of what you might want to paint and then the paints will allow you to make minor adjustments here and there.

4 Be Comfortable While You Are Painting

You should have proper lighting, a pleasant atmosphere, a comfortable chair to sit in, and whatever else you need to make your painting experience as enjoyable as possible. If you are happy while you are painting, chances are you’ll be able to paint something remarkable. Providing yourself with what you need to be comfortable will make the painting process seem more fun and less like work.

3 Take a Class on Perspective

Being able to paint something exactly as it appears isn’t as easy as it may seem. There are many points for getting the right perspective that are necessary for a painting you will be happy with. I’ve taken a particular photograph and decided to try to paint exactly what I saw. The first few times my paintings came out terrible. Some artists are able to get a handle on the right perspective for a painting naturally, but others have to learn how to do this.

2 Know How to Mix Colors

You will find it to be less frustrating if you are able to accurately mix paints to create the correct color. When you are able to have the exact color you are looking for, painting your picture the way you have it in your mind will be easier. It’s best to experiment with colors on a palette that has enough room for multiple puddles of color.

1 Don’t Force It

Trying to hard to paint the perfect picture can often work against you. I find that my paintings turn out better when I allow myself to come up with an idea naturally. The final outcome is usually better when I just start painting and I’m not completely sure how I want the finished product to look. Using acrylic paints is best for this type of painting. There’s no limit to the amount of layers of acrylic I can add to a painting to get it just how I want it to be.

Painting a picture you are pleased with takes some time. You might not get the outcome you are trying for on your very first try. It’s important to have fun and not become too frustrated. Do you have anything else to add to this list of 8 tips on painting the perfect picture? What seems to work best for you?

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