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8 Tips on Being a Good Cheerleader ...

By Aprille

Cheerleading is a great way to show you school, University or professional team support and to encourage them to perform to their best ability. Here are 8 tips on being a good cheerleader.

Table of contents:

  1. speak using the cheerleader language
  2. smile no matter what
  3. take onboard any criticism
  4. study other cheerleaders to learn from them
  5. practice, practice, practice
  6. confidence is the key
  7. flexibility is a must
  8. always be cheerful

8 Speak Using the Cheerleader Language

Photo Credit: Mademoiselle Monique

To non-cheerleaders there is a separate language that cheerleaders use. It is important that you learn to speak in this way, use the technical terms for different routines and moves and this way you will really immerse yourself into the cheerleading ways.

7 Smile No Matter What

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Even if the routines and moves that you have to make are really difficult and uncomfortable, smile at all times. If you find that you are really struggling to do this then try to imagine a really happy time in your life and this should help to keep the smile on your face.

6 Take Onboard Any Criticism

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As a cheerleader you are likely to receive both positive and negative criticism from people and it is important to take onboard both. The good criticism means that you are doing something right or at least something that people like. However, the negative criticism is important because it shows you where you can improve in order to become a better cheerleader.

5 Study Other Cheerleaders to Learn from Them

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It is important that you do not steal other cheerleader’s routines but you can watch their performance and pick up some really useful tips. For instance, if there is a landing that you just can not seem to master, watch another cheerleader to see how they do it.

4 Practice, Practice, Practice

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You can not expect to be a really good cheerleader without practicing on a regular basis. Professional cheerleaders often put in a good few hours working on their routines in order to become the best at what they do. By practicing you will never become perfect, because there is always room for improvement but you will become better.

3 Confidence is the Key

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In my opinion confidence is the key to cheerleading. If you have a lot of confidence in the moves that you are attempting then the crowd will also have confidence in you. This way if you do happen to mess up a routine they are likely to be more supportive towards you.

2 Flexibility is a Must

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In order to be able to complete a lot of the necessary moves you need to be very flexible. Some cheerleader’s do not all try out really complicated moves, so some are less flexible than others. However, in my opinion if you want to be the best then you need to be able to master the best moves.

1 Always Be Cheerful

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This is probably one of the most important parts of being a cheerleader; you need to always be cheerful. Regardless of what is going on in your life you need to be able to put that aside and cheer in a happy and fun tone.

There you have 8 tips on being a good cheerleader. These should hopefully help you to improve on your current skills and to become a better cheerleader than you already are.

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