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7 Tips on Playing Far Cry 2 ...

By Aprille

If you ever played the first far cry, then you know number two is going to be just as good as the first. Even though you don’t get to play as jack in the first one, you get a choice between what characters you want to be. There is a lot to know about this game and how to defeat your enemies in certain way. Please read my 7 Tips on Playing Far Cry 2 …

7 Choose the Right Side to Be on

Choose the Right Side to Be on Photo Credit: gamesweasel

Depending on what side you want to be, you need to choose wisely. You have choices of 2 factions and the good guys. Each side has its own demands and missions. You can choose the good side missions and be in the way of both factions or choose the faction sides and be in trouble with the good.

6 Avoid Driving on Roads

Avoid Driving on Roads Photo Credit: 10rdBen

Have you notice the enemy always finds you on the road or some sort of camp is set up to hassle you? Well, simple drive off road and stay away from road access. You can get to and from missions safe and less hassles.

5 Find Those Diamonds

Find Those Diamonds Photo Credit: 10rdBen

When it comes to finding diamonds in this game it takes a lot of searching and aggregation. Of course the diamonds are found in a brief case, but it’s hard to find out directly where it is on the map. You watch the green light flash more and more as you get closer, but its hard to find the direct place they are? Well, look up top of buildings and under the building. Throw a bomb or rocket at it to see if its hidden. This was an aggregating part of the game to me, but you can find them blowing stuff up.

4 Multiplayer Online Tip

Multiplayer Online Tip Photo Credit: Dr. Freeman

Use the heavy machine gun, because everyone else uses it too. You might come across a few snipers, but there mostly for the automatic. You get more kills and more experience for ranking.

3 Take the Walking Approach to Each Safe House or Camp

Take the Walking Approach to Each Safe House or Camp Photo Credit: zedred99

If you’re running low on medical supplies or medicine, you should take the walking approach. You don’t need to take damage and need to pick the enemy off, without them knowing where you’re at. Always choose an area that’s above the camp site. You get less chances of being shot and confusion on finding the people to kill.

2 Sniper Weapons or Rockets

Sniper Weapons or Rockets Photo Credit: notme2000

The sniper is important in this game to take out as many enemies from a far away position and you take less damage. If you want to take the all out assault approach and want to take tons of enemies out at one time. Use the rocket launcher directly in the middle of the crowed. Then throw grenades to enemies running around it. This is a very good tactically strategy to finish some of the missions.

1 Remember to Heal and Supply up before Missions

Remember to Heal and Supply up before Missions Photo Credit: Miyaoka Hitchcock

It might take a bit of time to get back to supply rooms for medicine and med kits, but its worth it. Ammo is also a needed item in this game and so are grenades. These items can help you complete missions easy and help you beat the game without hassle.

Far cry has many different approaches to defeating enemies or exploring the land. The game has a very large land mass with plenty of hide spots and things to do. This makes this game even more fun to play in my book. Do you need help with this game?

Top Photo Credit: gray_um

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