7 Tips to Making a Chicken Coop ...

By Aprille

7 Tips to Making a Chicken Coop ...

Making a chicken coop sounds like a great idea. I like animals, so of course, I am going to have chickens in my back yard. I’m not going to go out and buy one of the expensive coops – not when I can make it myself with stuff I have already. I am going to give you 7 tips to making a chicken coop.

7 Draw up Some Plans

Draw up Some Plans Photo Credit: CoreyPud

Before you make the coop, it is important that you draw up some plans. You can’t just go out there and build a coop without making some type of plans.

6 Make Sure the Chickens Have Enough Room

Make Sure the Chickens Have Enough Room Photo Credit: aehack

It is important that your chickens have enough room. You cannot expect to have a lot of chickens in a tiny coop. This is not going to work. So, think about the size of your chickens, the type you are going to get and how many you are going to get before you make your coop.

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5 Make Sure You Don’t Put the Coop Directly Where the Sun Shines at All Times

Make Sure You Don’t Put the Coop Directly Where the Sun Shines at All Times Photo Credit: _kristy_

You do not want the coop to get real hot, so you should not put it directly in the sun at all times. Sure, morning sun is good, but they do not want to be in the sun all day. You should also make sure they have water.

4 Make Sure the Roof Will Not Leak

Make Sure the Roof Will Not Leak Photo Credit: HA! Designs - Artbyheather

While in number five, I said they need water, I do not mean that they need to be rained on. Your chickens have shelter to keep them safe and out of the rain. You should make sure the coop is not going to leak. There are many techniques to building a roof that won’t leak.

3 Make Sure Predators Cannot Get in and Eat the Chickens

Make Sure Predators Cannot Get in and Eat the Chickens Photo Credit: ronbo

Do what you have to do with this one. If you have to make the fence electric, then do it. You do not want your chickens to get eaten by a wild animal and trust me, wild animals are smart.

2 The Location

The Location Photo Credit: Mark Payton

The location helps keep your chicken healthy and easy to clean. You will find that like we said above the sun is a big factor. You need to put the coop in a very good vegetated area with tons of grass. They like to graze for bugs in the grass outside the coop. However, make sure the grass is mowed to assure safety for the chickens.

1 The Right Nesting Area

The Right Nesting Area Photo Credit: Svadilfari

When it comes to laying eggs, they need a box or place to lay their eggs. You can use a small area where the hen can come lay eggs to make sure they hatch correctly. You can make a rack of shelves with small boxes for the hens to lay the eggs. You can lay hay in the boxes for them to lay the eggs on something soft. The shelves must have some sort of ladder or walkway to get to them. When you have them off the ground it helps keep predators away and keeps the eggs from being wet. Also keeps the eggs away from the chicken feces that you need to clean.

I am not sure if you will need help with making your coop or anything, but if you do, don’t be afraid to ask someone. Making a chicken coop with a spouse, family member or friend can be a lot of fun. Have you made one of these before? If you want to, then use my 7 tips to making a chicken coop.

Top Photo Credit: Geek in the garden

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Wicked. I love the article Aprille. My mother just built a chicken coop this past spring. She sells the extra eggs at work because she can't keep up with the 8 hens she bought!



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