6 Tips on Using the Galvanic Spa ...


Given in and purchased a Nu Skin Galvanic Spa? It can be hard knowing exactly what to do, with a range of instructions circulating. Here are my tips on using the spa...

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Moisture is Key!

Always have a good moisturizer to apply afterwards. This will prevent swelling, rashes and pain, which are unlikely, but have been reported.


Set Aside Time

Plan two times a week that you will be able to dedicate time to doing the treatments and relaxing. This will stop you missing any appointments.


Budget for Vials

Alter your budget to include the money for the vials. You will need to buy them regularly, so add them to your shopping list to stop you running out.


Be Aware of the Battery

Watch the battery. If it runs out in the middle of a treatment, you will have wasted the vial, and it can be hard to get it to work again. Make sure it’s got enough charge before you use it.


Plan a Spa Day!

Have spa days with your friends! Make the initial outlay seem much more worthwhile by celebrating your machines arrival with a spa day. Invite round your friends, and enjoy the treatments while you sip wine. Friend of the year!


Plan Ahead to Stop...

If you do decide to stop using the system, replace the gels with purified water, to stop your skin ageing overnight.

So now you’ve got my tips, make sure you read the instructions and have fun getting to know what your new spa can do! Have you got a tip for other users? Please let me know!

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