7 Summer Safety Tips ...

We all know how to have fun during the summer, but do we all know how to be safe? According to the state police where I live, summer means more deadly accidents than even the snowiest winter. We need to be careful! Here are 7 summer safety tips to remember while you’re out there, enjoying the sun.

1. Always Wear Your Seat Belt

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No matter where you’re headed this summer, make sure you always, always wear your seat belt. I have a friend that’s an EMT first responder, and here’s what he has to say: I’ve never had to cut a dead person out of their safety belt. Good enough for me. Wear it for every car ride, every time.

2. Use Appropriate Sun Protection

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Skin cancer is the most common form of cancer, more than all other cancers combined. And the number one cause of skin cancer is sun exposure. Make sure you’re protected! Apply an appropriate sunblock 20 to 30 minutes before sun exposure, and reapply every two hours.

3. Beware of Bugs

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Summer here in Michigan means mosquitoes, ticks, and fleas, among other nasty little bugs. Some of them carry the deadly West Nile and Lyme Disease viruses, so keep on the lookout for bugs, and if you’re going into the woods, wear a bug spray.

4. Never, Ever Drink and Drive

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Photo Credit: Sgt. Gooch

So many deadly car, motorcycle, and boat accidents in the summer are caused by driving drunk. This is so simple, but can save so many lives, including your own — never, ever drive drunk, and don’t let your friends or family drive drunk, either! If you’re not sure if you’re sober enough to drive, err on the side of caution, and let someone else drive!

5. Be Careful around Water

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If you’re going into the boat, wear a life vest, even if you’re a good swimmer. And if it’s going to rain, don’t get caught on the lake — stay put!

6. Know about Food Poisoning

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Aunt Susie’s potato salad may be the best, but not if it’s got mayonnaise in it, and it’s been sitting outside for a couple of hours! And while you might prefer your burger rare, make sure it’s cooked through. These few simple steps can prevent a nasty incident with food poisoning.

7. Don’t Overdo It!

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You’re a party girl, loving the summer life, but you still need some down time. Isn’t that why the hammock and the porch swing were invented?

So keep these rules in mind while you’re having some summer fun in the sun, and you’ll be safe, too! Do you have any other rules you follow for staying safe during the summer? Please share them with me!

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