7 Strategies to Get a Tan before Summer ...


7 Strategies to Get a Tan before Summer ...
7 Strategies to Get a Tan before Summer ...

A lot of us look better with a little colour on our skin, girls, but if you’re anxious about the damaging effects of UV rays, lying in the sun is probably not for you. Fortunately, there are other options available to us, and these help us to avoid the risks associated with sunburn. I’ve put together a list of 7 strategies to get a tan before summer; read on, ladies! Perhaps your days of being pale are about to end.

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The Sun

Let’s start at the beginning ladies. Lying in the sun will eventually give you a tan – there are risks involved, but it is effective. Make sure you don’t burn by gradually acclimatizing your skin to the rays. Lie in the sun for about 20 minutes daily if possible and make sure you cover yourself in a low factor sun screen.


Salon Spray Tans

This can be a great option to give your skin a little colour without the risk of sun damage. A spray tan won’t come cheap though, ladies, and, whatever your natural skin tone, don’t be tempted to go for the darker shades. These inevitably come out looking bright-orange, and, girls, there’s nothing tackier than that! Bear in mind as well that your tan will need retouching after a couple of weeks, so you’ll need to book a repeat appointment with the beautician after you’ve had your first spray.


A Sunbed

The classic sunbed is a horizontal tanning machine that exposes you to artificial UV rays for short periods of time. Sessions are usually available in cycles of 10 and you should always book yours over a period of about 20 days. Allowing a ‘rest day’ between your tanning sessions give skin time to recover and any inflammation to go down, and will result in a better tan overall.



Home self-tanning lotions remain a popular option for those girls looking to perk up their complexion in a hurry. Make sure you buy a good quality cream, however. Cheaper versions tend to go on unevenly and often smell quite strongly. For best results, make sure you exfoliate and apply to skin that isn’t dry or chafed.


A Tanning Can

This relatively recent development is something like an intense sunbed but requires youto stand up inside it rather than lie down. The ‘tan can’ – so called because it’s shape resembles that of a soda can – is cylindrical and lined all around with powerful UV tubes. Uses stay standing and hold onto handles on the roof for a session that lasts about ten minutes.


Tinted Moisturiser

These are a fab way to get a little glow going before summer. Much less risky and more subtle than a straight-forward self-tanning lotions, this gentle self tanner is diluted with a moisturizer. This kind of product tends to be far more forgiving than its more dramatic counterparts, and will usually give a more natural overall impression.


Body Makeup

This is not a permanent option ladies, but if you’re suddenly faced with a situation in which you need to be tanned, it will afford you immediate results. This kind of tanning product is basically an all over body make up and once applied, will darken the colour of the skin. Take care not to go swimming though girls; this option doesn’t actually involve any dye and will simply wash off.

There we have it girls; 7 strategies to get a tan before summer. Which is your favourite? Can you think of anything I’ve missed out? Let me know; I’d love to get your thoughts on this one.

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