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8 Perks of Pale Skin ...

By Rebecca

Ladies, in this day and age, we’ve moved on from frying our skins. There are a million and one reasons why keeping your complexion fresh and creamy is a great idea. I’ve put together a list of 8 perks of pale skin that will bring you over to the lighter side. Read on, girls; you might just find yourself converted!

1 Skin Cancer

We’ve known for decades now that exposure to the sun causes skin cancer. Why do we continue to soak up the UV rays? I think a life threatening illness is a great reason to avoid lying in the sun. Stay pale and interesting, ladies, it’s healthier by far.

2 Wrinkles

Exposure to the sun causes your skin to age prematurely, girls, and that’s something that nobody wants. Slap on that sun block and prevent early onset wrinkling: you’ll absolutely appreciate your foresight in a few years time.

3 Sun Spots

After wrinkles, pigmentation is about the most noticeable sign of aged skin, and, surprise surprise, they don’t manifest if you stay out of the sun. In general, staying paler helps to keep you looking young. Invest in a spray tan if you must: your older self will certainly thank you!

4 English Rose Perfection

There’s nothing quite like that beautiful translucent look. An English rose complexion is such an asset, girls. If you have unblemished, alabaster skin, don’t ruin it by sizzling your face in the sun. Make the most of that pristine, glowing face with cosmetics designed to suit your colouring – you can pull of red lipstick like no one else, ladies – make the most of it!

5 Avoid the Sunburn

If you have pale skin and you’re keen to keep it looking good, you’ll undoubtedly stay well away from the UV rays. Unlike sun worshippers, you won’t have to deal with sunburn. What a bonus, ladies! No blistering, no redness and, best of all, no peeling.

6 Suave Sophistication

Think Cate Blanchett, ladies. She’s pale and absolutely beautiful. Make the look your own by playing up to your colouring: choose fab colours that only you can pull off. Dark plums, rich burgundies and midnight blues: they just don’t look the same on your sun-frazzled friends.

7 Body Make up Benefits

Skin shimmers and body glow products just don’t look the same on a tanned skin. Fresh, naturally pale complexions become simple radiant with a little make up. Apply an illuminator to your collar bone and shoulders for maximum effect: sit back, and watch people drool in envy of your beautiful, healthy skin.

8 Stand out

In a world where every one is on a quest to be orange, a gorgeous, honest skin tone is refreshing and fabulous. You can wear clothes in a way that other people can’t, girls: embrace that! Make the most of your complexion, ladies. Show it off!

This is my list of 8 perks of pale skin, girls. Do you have anything to add? Why do you stay away from those damaging rays? Let me know: I’d love to get your opinions on this one!

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