7 Ways to Fake a Tan in a Hurry ...


7 Ways to Fake a Tan in a Hurry ...
7 Ways to Fake a Tan in a Hurry ...

If April’s beautiful spring weather has you longing for that golden summer tan, you aren’t alone. People around the world spend millions of dollars each year on tanning products to achieve a consistent bronze skin tone. Doctors have been preaching the dangers of skin cancer for over a decade and we are finally starting to take them seriously. Now you can fake a tan in a matter of minutes with alternatives to the sun or tanning beds. If you have a special occasion coming up or want to look your best for a day at the beach, here are 7 ways to fake a tan in a hurry.

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Salon Airbrushing

Visit a salon to get the most flawless artificial tan. They have mastered the method of achieving gorgeous consistent color, even in those problem areas that tend to get overlooked when you tan at home. You will basically be painted by a tanning professional with a small airbrush. This method is the most expensive, but results can last for up to two weeks. Color will instantly begin to appear after airbrushing and will reach its complete darkness within 12 hours.


Salon Tanning Booths

Tanning booths are often available in salons that offer tanning beds or airbrushing services. This method is a little less expensive than airbrushing, but you get the same general experience. You go into a small room where you will stand as automatic nozzles spray the tan all over your body. The downside to this option is that you don’t get a lot of control and your tan could be a little uneven.


Home Tanning Lotions

You can get tanning lotion at any pharmacy or retail store. Most brands come in different shades to be more customized to your skin tone. After a shower, you spread the lotion evenly all over your body. Apply lightly to knees and elbows to avoid orange streaking!


Home Tanning Sprays

If you don’t like tanning lotions, another product you can use at home is tanning spray. These come in small aerosol cans that usually have enough tanning solution to last for two applications. You can spray your body is just the places that are visible each day or ask a friend to help you do a full body spray.


Bronzing Lotion

Some people hate the heavy smell of home tanning lotions, so a few cosmetic companies came up with an alternative. You can now get your favorite moisturizing lotions with a hint of bronzer included. You won’t have an instant tan after using these products, but if you use the lotion every day, eventually a bronzed tan will appear.


Bronzing Powder

If you are headed out for a special occasion and just need a touch of color on your face or shoulders, bronzing powder would be a great choice. It sweeps on just like any cosmetic powder products, but has a hint of shimmer that catches the light. You can get bronzing powder in different shades depending on your current skin color.


Bronzing Blush

This cosmetic is similar to bronzing powder, but comes in a smaller size and usually has a pinkish tint to it. You can substitute bronzing blush for your regular blush colors when you need an extra glow.

Any of these tanning strategies will provide you with the look you want without the dangerous risks of skin cancer. Skip the tanning bed or hours in the sun and opt for one of these 7 ways to fake a tan in a hurry. What is the best self-tanning product you have tried?

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I think bronzing powder would be ideal coz it's easy to apply and it spreads evenly

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