10 Things I Enjoy Doing during the Summer ...


10 Things I Enjoy Doing during the Summer ...
10 Things I Enjoy Doing during the Summer ...

It feels like I’ve been waiting for summer to arrive for such a long time. As soon as the sun comes out and the weather turns warmer, I start thinking about at least 10 things I enjoy doing during the summer. I’m usually snapped back to reality once the weather decides to turn cold again for a week or so. I know summer will be here eventually and I’ll be ready for it!

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Going to Yard Sales

I find the coolest things at yard sales. I try not to buy things that I can’t use, so I tend to have something in mind that I’m searching for before stopping at a sale. It’s fun just to browse around and look at everything too. I’m always amazed at what some people try to sell.


Exploring Somewhere New

There are many parts of my state that I still haven’t seen, as well as a number of surrounding states that I’ve merely passed through on my way to one of the coasts. Grabbing a map and heading out to explore some place new is a blast for the entire family. The kids seem to enjoy it more when they get to have a say in where the exploring is going to take place.


Traveling to See Old Friends

It’s always much easier to travel in the summer time to see friends. Most of my friends live many states away from me and I don’t feel like braving the winter weather to visit them during the colder months. Summer time makes me feel more at ease when I’m driving across the country. If I have car trouble, I don’t have to worry about freezing to death or being buried alive by a passing snowplow.


Giving the House a Good Cleaning

Opening the doors and windows and have the opportunity to thoroughly clean my house always makes me feel good. I know I’m perfectly capable of cleaning just as effectively in the wintertime, but for some reason being able to air out the house makes the job of cleaning feel more complete.


Basking in the Sunshine

I burn very easily, but that doesn’t keep me from enjoying at least a little time in the sun. I slather on the sunblock, wear a big brimmed hat, and sit in the sunshine with a good book for a little while. I try not to do this during the hottest part of the day either, since I’m sure to either burn or sweat to death. Being uncomfortable while basking kind of defeats the purpose, at least for me it does!


Have a Cookout

There’s nothing that says summer like a cookout with friends and family. I love it when everyone gathers together and has a grand time grilling and telling stories. Oh and don’t forget the roasting of marshmallows on hot coals after dinner.


Get out on the Lake with Friends

I live in an area that receives quite a large number of tourists during the summer months. Fortunately they don’t know all the great spots to park the boat and swim. My family and I will go together with one or two other families we know and chip in to rent a pontoon boat for the day. The kids get to swim, the adults get to chat, and we cook some excellent food while out on the water. It really makes for a memorable event for all.


Go Fishing

I’m content to go fishing and not catch a thing. I find sitting on the dock or at the edge of the river to be extremely relaxing. My husband and I will chat quietly or sit perfectly still and enjoy the silence. I guess I find it enjoyable because I’m not depending on actually catching fish for my survival. I imagine fishing wouldn’t be part of my summertime fun if I absolutely had to do it.


Hunt for Crawdads

Crayfish is the other name these little crustaceans are known by. Down here they are referred to as crawdads. Wading through the cool river waters and shallow creeks is much more entertaining when you chase crawdads. My husband and the kids and I will follow a particularly large or nicely colored crawdad and then call each other over to look at it. Some people catch crawdads and eat them, but I think it’s more enjoyable to watch them in their natural habitat.


Taking the Canoe out for a Spin

I was never much on canoeing until my husband and I purchased one of our very own. My very first canoeing experience entailed going down a river backwards the entire time. My second adventure was shared by a knucklehead who was intent on standing in the canoe until I was positive we were going to flip over in the middle of the lake. Thankfully my husband is a wonderful partner to canoe with and we have an excellent time. I can even take pictures of wildlife we see along the way without fear of being toppled into the water and losing my camera.

These are 10 things I enjoy doing during the summer, among many others that are purely spontaneous. I’m always anxious for summer and the new adventures that come with it. What do you enjoy doing during the summer months?

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ahhhhh, they're called crawfish! i hate when people call them crayfish or crawdads, in louisiana, its crawfish, which is the right way lol nice article btw :)

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