10 Best Summer Activities ...


10 Best Summer Activities ...
10 Best Summer Activities ...

Long live summer and down with boredom! That's right, why should you give up your beautiful summer days to some serious ennui? You shouldn't. Maybe you should try out these fun <a title="10 Great Activities for Summer…" href="https://allwomenstalk.com/10-great-activities-for-summer/">summer activities to keep those boredom blues at bay.

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Volleyball Photo Credit: n8xd

That's right, beach volleyball! It's fun, it's competitive, but above all, it's great exercise. Get together a few friends and play a friendly game. Just beware of wandering sands.


Boat Ride

Boat Ride Photo Credit: claude...

Boat rides don't always have to take place on a motor boat so if you don't have one, don't be distressed. Just go out to your local body of water and rent a pedal boat and take it for a spin with one of your friends. It's great exercise and fun!


Beach Jog

Beach Jog Photo Credit: mikebaird

Feeling a little cooped up? Why not take a day trip to the beach with a few friends and take a little jog around the shore? It's great exercise and you can even make it into a fun little competition.



Camping Photo Credit: ©haddock

Camping is the ultimate summertime activity. You get to sleep outdoors, you get a campfire going and you can toast marshmallows. What could possibly be better? Just be sure that you have lots of layers for when it cools down at night.


Blow Bubbles

Blow Bubbles Photo Credit: Matej Kodrin

This isn't just a little kid's activity, I promise. Get a wand and get blowin' and pretty soon, you'll see just how much fun it really is. Go ahead, bring that little kid in you out again!


Dance in the Rain

Dance in the Rain Photo Credit: isayx3

Summer is the best time for rain dancing because the air is hot and the rain just cools you down. So let loose, shake that hair and your rump! Don't worry whose watching, raindancing is a blast and a half!



Garden Photo Credit: KarenMarleneLarsen

That's right, break out that green thumb. Plant a few flowers, maybe a few fruits and veggies and get a little dirty. You can even weed the space that you already have. Just get outside in the sunshine and give a little back to mother Earth.



Zoo Photo Credit: uwebwerner

Go to the zoo; it's a lot of fun. As long as you don't get roped into the expensive gift shops it's relatively inexpensive too! Go with friends or take a walk by yourself, either way it'll be a blast! Just be sure to wear comfortable shoes!


Water Fight

Water Fight Photo Credit: artnwine1 (AWAY)

I know it seems childish but when was the last time you threw a water balloon or turned the hose on an unsuspecting friend? Why not do it this summer? Let out that inner child and splash some ice cold water. It's a great way to cool off!



Swim Photo Credit: aknikki

That's right, swim. You don't need to Phelps it out and go swim a bunch of laps. Just take a leisurely swim. Float on your back for a bit and catch some of those lovely sun rays on your face. Just be sure to SPF.

Just remember that if you're feeling bored, these activities will beat the ennui! Have I left anything fun out? What are some fun things that you do in the Summer? Let me know down below.

Top Photo Credit: 2000dan2000

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i love summer and this summer my sister who moved to toronto is coming home for a vist and i need some ideas for what to do. can anybody give me some ideas?

Last item just reminded me that I need to go to the beach and swim. It's almost may and I still have not dipped myself in sea water! Or pool water. :)

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