8 Best Calendar Ideas for 2011 ...


8 Best Calendar Ideas for 2011 ...
8 Best Calendar Ideas for 2011 ...

Time really does fly. Here we are, almost halfway through the year and soon it’ll be time to get yourself a calendar for next year. How else are you going to keep track of appointments? The 2011 versions are starting to become available, so here are my top 8 – and I promise, no naked calendars are among them …

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Cats are of course dear to my heart, so I support any effort to raise funds to help them. Cats Protection produces an annual calendar with pictures from their photo competition. An excellent present for the cat lover in your family (this is the 2010 version but the new one should be out soon).


If you’ve got kids, then why not have a personalized calendar made of your little cherubs for the grandparents. This would be a great gift for grandparents that live a long way off and don’t see their grandchildren very often – they would be able to ‘see’ them every day.


Now, I don’t quite get the Twilight thing, probably because I left my teens behind a long time ago, but many teenage girls will adore this Edward and Bella calendar. It also covers 18 months from this July, so is extra value for money.


This calendar must have been made for me! I have every intention of following its advice and ‘Growing old disgracefully’. As the cover says – ‘Wine may not be the answer, but it helps you’.


‘Nuns having fun’ – well, why on earth shouldn’t they? This calendar features vintage photos of nuns doing just what they title says. ‘To err is human, to laugh is divine.’ Good for you, sisters.


If you’re bored of cute pictures, why not try an ironic statement with this no-frills calendar that has ‘no kitties, no flowers, no inspirational quotes’. Of course, you could find a picture-free calendar for a lot less than a tenner …


Yes, I have a firefighters calendar (and they’re only half-naked). Look out for one like this next year – nothing wrong with having some hunky firemen on your wall! It’ll brighten up every day of your year …


If your taste tends towards the bizarre, or you have to buy a gift for someone you hate, then this calendar will surely fit the bill. How much weirder can it get than ‘Goats in trees’? Right up there (no pun intended) with the roundabouts calendar that was popular a while back.

So will you be buying ‘Goats in trees’? Or is ‘Nuns having fun’ more your style? What’s the weirdest or worst calendar anyone’s ever bought you?

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