8 Great Wall Calendars ...

I’m one of those OCD-organized people who’s not content unless everything in my life is perfectly planned and written on a calendar. I keep my “big” one in my handbag, my school planner in my backpack, the family calendar on the fridge, and a reference calendar on the wall in my office. Every December, I look forward to choosing new calendars to help me keep organized (and happy) and this year there are so many to choose from! It seems that there’s a calendar for every hobby, interest, and celebrity… here are 8 great wall calendars.

1. Erte Studio 2011 Calendar

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Price: $19.99 at borders.com
I love the deco feel of Erte pieces, the gorgeous women in elegant gowns, all done in rich, lush colors. This calendar celebrates art as part of a lifestyle, and each month features a new image. I love it!

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