8 Things I Plan on Buying during 2011 ...


8 Things I Plan on Buying during 2011 ...
8 Things I Plan on Buying during 2011 ...

This is a personal list I decided to write for the New Year. Here are 8 things I plan on buying during 2011. I’m hoping that many of them can be purchased as soon as possible, before bigger and better things make their way to my list. I try to be fairly thrifty when it comes to spending money, but I know there are times when making purchases become a necessity.

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A Bigger Flash Drive

I seem to have difficulty emptying my flash drive regularly enough to allow room for new stuff to be put onto it. I figured if I bought a larger flash drive, then I’d have plenty of room for new information and I wouldn’t have to delete any of the info from my current flash drive. It’s probably best to have more than one flash drive anyway, especially with all the computer work I tend to do.


New Tires

Even though I plan on buying these this year, I have no idea just how soon I’ll get around to purchasing them. I drive my car a lot. I’ve put more than 160,000 miles on it and it is just barely 6 years old. My parents and grandmother each live 4 hours in different directions from me. This means I have to travel 4 hours one way to see my grandmother and the opposite direction to see my parents. I’ve been across the country multiple times in my car, so it’s no wonder there are so many miles on it. I don’t plan on lessening the amount of distance I travel, which is why investing in some new tires this year might be a wise one to make.


A Mixer

I’m not talking about a cement mixer, although my husband would probably be more thrilled with this type of mixer. I’m referring to a mixer for the kitchen. I don’t care if it comes with a stand or I have to hold it in my hand or even if it is used. My hands, forearms, and shoulders still ache from all the cookies and desserts I baked for the holidays. I’ve been making desserts without the aid of a mixer for many, many years and have finally hit a time in my life where my body has decided to revolt against me. I’ll definitely have to purchase a mixer before this holiday season approaches.


New Socks for the Family

I can’t remember the last time I did laundry and didn’t have to toss out a pair of socks. Usually the kids wear out their socks faster than my husband and I, since they are always running out the front door in socks. Why is this a common habit for kids to get into? The last time I did laundry I noticed that my husband and I each had a couple of pairs of socks with gaping holes. Maybe I need a new washing machine instead. It just might be that my washer is eating socks, instead of the family actually wearing them out. Hmm. I might have to investigate this before washing any new socks in my ancient washing machine.


Paint for the House

I’m mostly referring to indoor paint. I could really use a new color in the kitchen. The house came furnished with mint green walls in the kitchen, but I think I’m leaning more towards a yellow hue. Maybe mustard colored paint or something with more gold than yellow to it. The rest of the house could sure use some brightening up as well. Who knows, maybe some new hue will jump out at me as I search through the endless supply of paint cards at the local hardware store.


A New Skillet…or Two

I can’t believe how hard 2010 was on my skillets. I had one small skillet burst into flames as one of the kids decided to fry up who knows what. Another larger skillet was charred by my husband when he left the burner on and strayed from the stove. A different little skillet was actually salvageable after a scorching incident, but it’s a rather odd color on the bottom now. I definitely need new skillets.


Ink Cartridges

My printers for the computer and for photos are both running out of ink. I mail my grandmother pictures almost each time I write her a letter, so I tend to go through the cartridges for the mini photo printer rather quickly. I really need to have at least one extra package of ink on hand, no matter what. Maybe this will be the year that I finally do this!


An Address Book

After not hearing from people for multiple years and getting a number of Christmas card returned, I’ve decided it’s time to redo my address book. This means I’ll have to either purchase a brand new book or buy some new pages for my current address book. I’ve had the same address book for more than 12 years, so I’m thinking it’s time for a new one. I’ll have nice clean pages to write the addresses of people I know to truly exist.

After reading my list of 8 things I plan on buying during 2011, I bet you thought of a few of your own things you’d like to purchase this year. What is at the top of your list of purchases to make in 2011? Is there anything that you wanted to buy last year and didn’t?

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