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7 Best Dumping Lines ...

By Melanie

Okay, I am goin to give you the 7 best dumping lines. Well, they’re not really the “best,” but they ARE the best at being weird! They always say that you should be unique in what you do, but where do we draw the line with unique. Personally, I have never used any of the dumping lines I am about to give you. I have always believed in just coming out and telling the truth, even if the truth is something that hurts. Below, I am going to start giving you those dumping lines!

10 Magic Ball

“Break up with you? If you were to break up with your magic 8 ball right now, I guarantee you the answer would not start with an N.”

9 Dumpsville

“Welcome to Dumpsville! Population: YOU!”


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8 Name Game

“Oh hi Jon or was it Steve? Oh it’s Jake, right? I mean Sam?” Yes, the name game will definitely make things obvious.

7 Second Half

“I am going out of town tonight. Pay no attention to my look alike when you see them around.”

6 Asked out

“Do you remember when I asked you out? Yeah well, I really was not talking to you. I was really talking to the guy behind you, but you responded and I felt bad.”

5 The Old Line

“It’s me, not you.” Yes, this is the old, boring line that you, yourself may have said more than once in your life.

4 I Know What You Did!

This one only works the best if he really did not do anything. “Cries – I know what you did! I know! How could you? Why would you? Why would you want to?” Then run out the door and don’t answer your phone or return the call. If you do happen to accidentally talk to them, tell them you don’t want to talk about it ever again, that it’s just too disturbing.

3 Horoscope

Hey, if you have a horoscope, you have to believe it, right? “Look at the horoscope! It says that I have a new love in my life. Well, you know what they say, I am a firm believer, so I have got to follow my star.”

2 Help out

“I would like to help you out. Would you like that? Okay, so which way did you come in because that is the way out?”

1 Roses Are Red

We could always go the traditional way with something like “Roses are red, violets are blue. Your best friend just got dumped and so did you!”

Those are the 7 best dumping lines. If you have used any of these lines before, no one is going to make fun of you – we might just laugh though at learning the experience you have had afterwards and what the other half said to them. NOW, do you think you are unique enough to use any of these lines? If so, which of these lines would you use? Which of the lines have you used before and which of the lines would you never use?

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