20 Strangest Vintage Ads ...


20 Strangest Vintage Ads ...
20 Strangest Vintage Ads ...

Before you plunge into the evil that is Monday, I bring to you some rather strange but hilarious (if you have a twisted sense of humor like mine) vintage ads that are bound to make you go "What were they thinking?!!". I don't know about simpler times but these definitely come from stranger times.

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Gilette Safety Razor

Gilette Safety Razor There's no such thing as "too early" when it comes to shaving. Look! Doesn't the baby look really happy shaving? So what if he has no facial hair, it's a safety razor silly!


Evil Pears' Soap

Evil Pears' Soap Message from the evil folks at Pears': Use Pears' or else...
P.S: To add insult to injury, we will also publish a picture of your squished baby in the newspaper.
Oh Pears you're so easy to see through!


Cellophane Bread

Cellophane Bread RUN! It's the demon child from The Exorcist and she wants your blood...err...jam!


Sausages Anyone?

Sausages Anyone? What a talented little piggy! Now fly piggy, fly and drop your sausagy goodness into all our mouths.


Beer Day out

Beer Day out Now isn't that just the sweetest outing for mommy and her new born princess. Buy beer together. Drink beer...together!



Vibra-finger Ohhh it's for a gum massage? *disappointed face*



Mentos Einstein, you lying scumbag! And we thought you were born brilliant! It was the Mentos all along?! Boo.


Camels for Doctors

Camels for Doctors **
** Bahahah. Now THOSE are the kind of doctors I would blindly trust with my life...not.


Santaclaus Strikes Lucky

Santaclaus Strikes Lucky Go Santa! You make smoking so much cooler! In his defense, it's cold at the North Pole okay?


Love's Baby Soft

Love's Baby Soft And that's the ad that created the world's first pedophile.


Mr. Leggs Trousers

Mr. Leggs Trousers This is wrong on so many levels. SO MANY LEVELS. Apparently the woman loved his silly sounding trousers so much that she magically turned into a carpet with a tail and let him walk all over her. Okay then...


Stretchy-Seat Underwear

Stretchy-Seat Underwear Wrestling men in stretchy-seat underwear? Mmmmm. Bring in the oil!


Shared Showers


Because sharing is caring. Also, nothing wrong with a little bromance I say!


Tipalet Cigarettes

Tipalet Cigarettes Yes that's exactly how you win a woman's heart! Because smoke is to us what bones are to a dog. *wags tails*


American Airlines

American Airlines And you thought Sigmund Freud with his Oedipus complex theory was strange. Pshh!


Christmas Guns

Christmas Guns Guns for the whole family? Wheee! This is the best christmas ever!


Ketchup Bottle

Ketchup Bottle Wait a second. You're telling me that it is possible to open a ketchup bottle?


Postage Meter

Postage Meter To answer your question, yes it is actually. Is it always illegal to kill a man? Yes? Too bad.



Anti-liquor I'm sorry ladies. I think most men would rather touch liquor than touch your *ahem* lips



O-girl Here's presenting the world's newest super-hero...O-girl! Claim to fame? To help save the world with her super loud orgasms. Actually, I wouldn't mind being O-girl. Heck, I would kill to be her!

Oh the world will always be a strange place I guess. I hope you enjoyed these rare vintage ads. And if you come across any that are as funny, do share! Have a great Monday all of you :)

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"And that’s the ad that created the world’s first pedophile." L.M.F.A.O

These are too funny, Sheila - and your comments are even funnier :D Sadly, I remember the Love's Baby Soft ads - from the early seventies - I was a tween/young teen when they came out and you better believe I bought it, wore it, and loved it! Couldn't see how creepy the ads were back then - as a mom now I'd have a fit if I saw something like that aimed at my girls. Anyway thanks for the Sunday afternoon giggles - gotta share this!

All so creepy and awesome both at the same time! Great collection :D

Great Post! I couldn't stop laughing with number 20!!! :)

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