8 Wackiest Vending Machines ...


8 Wackiest Vending Machines ...
8 Wackiest Vending Machines ...

Aren’t vending machines just great? Seeing one of these magical machine always cheers me up as they are usually placed in those areas in which you look around and say, “Okay, who do I have to kill to get a soda out here?” But, did you know that vending machines these days aren’t filled with sodas, chocolate bars, ballpoint pens, potato chips and disposable toothbrushes only? In fact, new vending machines are there to replace fast food joints, rent-a-car agencies, jewelry shops and even shoe shops! So, take a look at these strange and yet, quite useful vending machines and tell me what you think.

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“Let’s Pizza” Vending Machines, Italy

This cool gadget will make, bake and top your pizza in 3 minutes and the coolest thing about it is that you can actually see the pizza being made. It can’t replace the real deal, that’s for sure, but it is something worth seeing. So, the next time you’re waiting to board a plane in Milan and you don’t have enough time to stay a couple of days and see the Italian pizza chef twirl the dough around, stop by this vending machine.


“Gold to Go” Vending Machines, Moscow, Frankfurt, Abu Dhabi, Bergamo

In case you’re worried about your currency and the fact that its value may drop during your flight, you can always exchange cash for gold! These strange vending machines were introduced in May 2010 and they instantly became a hit. Monetary fluctuations don’t have to be the only reason to stop by this machine, though, because for $50 you can get a tiny, nicely wrapped, 1 gram gold bar which, you must agree, isn’t a bad gift at all!


Purple Vending Machine, Mondrian South Beach Hotel, Miami

This luxurious, stylish vending machine is equipped with high class merchandise only! If 24 karat gold handcuffs are what it takes for you to relax and agree on a night of good-cop-bad-cop role play, don’t be surprised if he comes back with them after only a couple of minutes. Fur vest? No problem! This vending machine has it all – including an option to rent a Cadillac DeVille or buy a condo!


Rollasole, Nightclubs All over UK

Ladies! This isn’t wacky at all! Believe it or not, Rollasole vending machines sell ballet flats! Now, can you think of a reason to buy ballet flats in 3 A.M? I can! In fact, every single one of my clubbing experiences involves dancing until dawn, gritting my teeth, wishing the house is just a couple of inches closer and taking those wretched new shoes off with a promise to never wear them again (until the next time). Well, Rollasole vending machine is there to make our nights out a little bit more pleasant and pain free so, once your feet get tired, all you need to do is pick your size, insert about 10 bucks, stash those heels under the table and keep on dancing!


Vending Machines That Sell Bread, Belgium

Is there anything better than a hot, steaming loaf of fresh bread? Yup! The same loaf of bread in 5 A.M! I’m not a big fan of bread and I’m quite picky about it too but, when it’s fresh and hot, I do not object to any kind of it. They must be pretty picky about their breads in Belgium too because you can literally find these machines everywhere. Now, isn’t a homemade sandwich really something to look forward after a long night out?


Umbrellas, Japan

I’d expect to see this one in England first but, hey, you can’t blame the Japanese for having all those great ideas first. So, if you, like me, need a new umbrella every time it starts to rain, you’re probably dreaming about having this practical vending machine in your country too. And comparing the price of 5 bucks a pop with the prices of hairdos and all those products we use to tame our hair, I’d say getting a new umbrella every week really pays out.


Best Buy Express, USA Airports

A flat iron, an iPod or maybe even some headphones… Impulse shopping has never been easier. I’m sure most of us have a story that involves sitting on an airport, getting bored and suddenly realizing you have forgotten to buy presents for one or more members of your family. Well, that’s where Best Buy Express vending machines fit in! Just pick the item you want, pay for it and voila! Problem solved!


Swimsuits, Standard Hotels (NYC, Miami, L.a)

You’ve just arrived in your hotel and you’re about to hit the pool when… DAMN! You’ve realized your favorite swimming suite is at home instead being in your suitcase, where you want it. Don’t worry because Standard Hotels know how to solve this problem. Seventy five bucks is all you need to get a new pair of board shorts for your hubby and you’ll need 10 bucks more in case you are the one that hasn’t remembered to pack a swimsuit. In case this Quicksilver plain black bikini doesn’t meet your requirements and is still unworn, you can always go shopping for better beachwear and exchange your previously purchased bikini in a gift shop.

Awesome machines and I’d gladly try all of them out. How about you? Which one of these would you love to have in your area?

Top Photo Credit: katclay

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They have an electronics vending machine in a Macy's at the Grossmont Center in San Diego, CA.

Without All Women Stalk I would not know half of this stuff. 8 Strangest Themed Restaurants from Around the World was another great post.

I've seen Sephora vending machines in Las Vegas airport... weird..

Wow...I want the umbrella one.

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