5 Things Cute and Cheap...


5 Things Cute and Cheap...
5 Things Cute and Cheap...

You need wedge shoes in neutral colors for spring and summer, yes you do. This pair is less than $20 so it's imperative that you get them now.

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Chambray Sundress

Aww look at this sweetheart of a sundress. Definitely a must-have for the sunny days. They'll look great with the wedge shoes above, too.


This cheap and chic bag is called Rachel and I think I need it in my life. It costs only $58 and its design is inspired by a bag that costs more than $1500.


Button down Shirt

Look chic even when you're just walking your dog, much like Alexis Bledel here. Start with this button down shirt. It's chambray, too.


If you can't walk in heels (like me), you might prefer these cheap and chic sandals over the wedge shoes above. They look pretty!

We're always on the lookout for great steals here. If you've read a good post online with wonderful cheap finds, we'd love to hear about it.

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Wedges are so pretty and nice :) would love to have a whole cabinet full of it

I am a huge fan of wedge shoes :)

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