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You can find just anything on eBay these days – even a pair of Louboutins or rare, sold out Louis Vuitton bags! But let’s skip the fashion talk for now and focus on different things, most unusual things ever sold on eBay, to be precise. Like unused souls, violent ghosts, celebrity leftovers and other totally weird stuff you never knew you needed. So, feel free to laugh, shake your head in disapproval or stare in shock and disbelief as you read this list of 7 most unusual things ever sold on eBay.

1. Soul

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“I’m not really using it lately – and selling it on the internet is better than letting the Devil have it.” – Yup, those were the exact words of a man who decided to offer his soul via eBay! Now, you’re probably wondering how much did he think his soul was worth – right? Well, let’s just say it must have been a darn good one, since the asking price was exactly 1 million dollars!

2. Haunted Rubber Ducky

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Now, if you think a person’s soul is one of the most unusual things ever sold on eBay, wait until you hear this one! A man had auctioned and managed to sell a very cute rubber ducky for $107.50 back in 2004! What made this particular ducky better, not to mention pricier, than all others? Well, according to its former owner, the rubber toy was haunted and it even bit his one and a half year old causing it to turn vicious and mean. Interesting, huh?

3. The Right to Name a Baby

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List of strange names runs very long and the same can be said for unusual eBay listings. However, I don’t think there are much of those that combine both, at least not in the in the area of rights to name a child. Melissa Heuschkel probably knew her offer would be a tough one to top so she offered the right to name her baby girl to the one willing to pay top dollar for it. Online casino GoldenPalace.com made the winning bid of $15,100 and named the baby GoldenPalace.com!

4. Imaginary Friend

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Imaginary friends are not a strange phenomenon, however, listing one on eBay definitely deserves to be mentioned here. But let’s hear what the owner had to say about it first, “My imaginary friend Jon Malipieman is getting too old for me now. I am now 27 and I feel I am growing out of him. He is very friendly. Along with him, I will send you what he likes and dislikes along with his favorite things to do and his personal self portrait.” Self-portrait shows nothing, by the way! Now, if you think that’s weird let me just add this – an imaginary friend John was sold for $3,000! And they say you can’t put a price tag on friendship!

5. Half-eaten French Toast

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Would you ever pay $3,154 for stale food with somebody’s saliva on it? I wouldn’t, not even when the bodily fluid in question belongs to Justin Timberlake! I mean, the guy is hot, but isn’t that a little bit too much? One lucky Justin Timberlake fan definitely thought the French toast was well worth that cash and since the whole package included a plate, fork and extra syrup his celebrity holiness, Mr. Timberlake had touched and used, I can’t argue.

6. Used Gum

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Regular used or even unused gum probably won’t get a lot of bids but, if you manage to find the one Britney Spears had chewed… well, that’s an entirely different thing! The gum in question earned the lucky finder $263 and is now the property of one of her biggest fans.

7. Ghost in a Jar

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Does your everyday life seem too normal? Is your house too neat? Well, don’t forget to browse eBay every once in a while because you might find the solution – a violent ghost in a jar to keep you busy! Why not? Ghost in a jar must be something like a genie in a bottle, minus the wishing part, I suppose. One guy offered his ghost via eBay and sold it for $75. I don’t know how lucky the new owner was but I can say this is one of the most unusual things ever sold on eBay.

Have you had the luck of running across some strange eBay listings and, if the answer is yes, could they fall into the category of most unusual things ever sold on eBay? Honestly, I doubt I’ll ever need an extra soul, a mad ghost or an imaginary friend but, in case I ever end up needing those, now I know where to start my search!

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