7 Most Unusual Things Ever Sold on EBay ...


You can find just anything on eBay these days – even a pair of Louboutins or rare, sold out Louis Vuitton bags! But let’s skip the fashion talk for now and focus on different things, most unusual things ever sold on eBay, to be precise. Like unused souls, violent ghosts, celebrity leftovers and other totally weird stuff you never knew you needed. So, feel free to laugh, shake your head in disapproval or stare in shock and disbelief as you read this list of 7 most unusual things ever sold on eBay.

1. Soul

“I’m not really using it lately – and selling it on the internet is better than letting the Devil have it.” – Yup, those were the exact words of a man who decided to offer his soul via eBay! Now, you’re probably wondering how much did he think his soul was worth – right? Well, let’s just say it must have been a darn good one, since the asking price was exactly 1 million dollars!

Haunted Rubber Ducky
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