7 Products That Will Make You Irresistible ...

Let's just admit it-there are days when you really need some products that will make you feel irresistible, days where we all feel less than beautiful. Those yucky, horrible days can get you down, but not if you determine not to have any more of those days! There are products that will make you feel gorgeous and irresistible and you will feel so pretty and sexy when you use them! There's something about being clean, smelling great and pampering yourself that can make you feel incredibly irresistible! You don't need a trip to the spa, you just need to grab these products and start using them! I promise after a few uses of these products that will make you irresistible, you will be feeling so fabulous!

1. Caribbean Therapy Body Scrub

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Price: $8.00 at aveda.com

Get rid of that dry flaky skin for good! This scrub will transform your skin and transport your senses straight to an Island somewhere off the coast! I use scrubs on a weekly basis in the shower and you can too. Just put a little bit onto your washcloth or sponge and buff away! You will be extra irresistible when you emerge!

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