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I Love ... You Will Too

By Jennifer

A few weeks ago, a new store called Charming Charlie opened in my local outdoor mall, and I'm in heaven... but for those of you without a Charming Charlie, there's an online alternative you have to check out — it's called!

What's so special about For starters, they have loads of gorgeous accessories, from glittering bracelets to glam cocktail rings to gorgeous necklaces and so much more. But just as marvelous as their glittering goodies are the prices... this beautiful peacock bracelet is only $2.99! Can you believe it?

I know what you're thinking. How can anything so inexpensive actually be as pretty as the photos imply? I've seen and worn this exact bracelet, and I can tell you, it's gorgeous! It's well-made, the little gems just as glittery and colorful in real life as they are on the website. I get compliments on it ALL THE TIME. I've worn the bracelet a number of times, and the hinge still works well, the metal isn't tarnished, and all of the gems are still firmly in their proper places.
I've also worn this ring several times, and I love it! It's very stylish, and comfortable. Again, I get compliments on it every time I wear it — when I tell people it also sells for only $2.99, they're shocked! Isn't it adorable? It looks like something straight off of ModCloth!

I totally plan to do all of my holiday shopping (for all of my besties, anyway) at And did I mention that shipping is free on orders over $15? Take a peek at the site, and you'll agree: it's just as fab as Charming Charlie, only with a wider selection, and even better prices!

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