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5 Contests and Giveaways to Join ...

By Meream

1 Confess What You Bought

This one's easy. You just confess what you bought by uploading a photo of the item/s you shopped and you're instantly entered to win weekly prizes.Oh-some? Oh yes.

2 iCandy Peach Stroller

Are you a new mommy looking for a new stroller? Don't go out and buy one just yet. You may be able to win this iCandy Peach Stroller!

3 Green Lantern Prize Pack

Are you excited to watch Green Lantern or what? Apart from the movie, here is something to make you even more excited: enter TooFab's contest now to get a chance to win loads of goodies from the movie.


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4 Target Beauty Goodie Bag

Who doesn't want a new set of makeup and other beauty goodies for the summer? Not you, I bet. So check out the link to know how you can win a goodie bag full of beauty must-haves from Target.

5 Crafty Goodies

This last link will show you 3 handmade things that you can win. Yep, 3! I am crushing on the hair clips. So so cute.

Aren't these fun? If you are having a giveaway or contest on your blog right now, let us know!

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