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I've always been a Disney girl. As a child, the majority of my favorite movies were Disney masterpieces. I loved all the standards, like Dumbo, Cinderella, and Sleeping Beauty. I was enamored of Ariel, I wanted to ride on Aladdin's carpet, and Beauty and the Beast still makes me cry. Of all the Disney tales, however, The Lion King quickly emerged as my very favorite -- and a lot of other people, all over the world, must feel the same way, because today's hot trending topic is The Lion King 3D. Everyone's talking about it, everyone's making plans to see it, and almost everyone seems to be asking the same questions I'm about to ask y'all.

Who doesn't remember little Simba, and tear up a little upon remembering his plight? Scar's betrayal, the evil actions of the hyenas, the love and comic relief given by Timon and Pumbaa, and the romance with Nala? This whole story was just so poignant. It's arguably been done, with many elements similar to those seen in Bambi, The Jungle Book, and countless others, but really, who cared? It was and is a beautiful movie, from the messages to the music to the artistic visuals and beautifully rendered scenery. It is almost universally loved, and everyone is so excited that it's getting a bit of a reboot. After all, those of us who were kids in 1994 get to experience the magic again, and now the younger generation gets to enjoy it as well. (Of course, us '90s kids are a little possessive -- check out Twitter and you'll see a lot of us claiming the movie as ours, no matter who sees the 3D version.) But people are also a little worried, even skeptical. Why?

Because they're wondering whether or not the movie will benefit from its 3D upgrade. After all, 3D movies are a dime a dozen now, and it's starting to seem like a gimmick to get people more interested. Sometimes it improves the film -- I thought the 3D version of The Nightmare before Christmas was awesome -- but at other times, the 3D effects do nothing for the story at best; at worst, they detract from it.

So I'd like to hear from all of you -- those who enjoyed the movie years ago and those who hope to fall in love with it now: Do you think the 3D aspect will add magic to Simba's inspiring tale? Will it make the story of his upbringing and ultimate triumph better? Or is it just a trumped up gimmick designed to make money for Disney? Until then, remember: Hakuna Matata!

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