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By Lyndsie

I love blogs. When the internet was first invented – or at least when it first came to my house – I thought AOL was just the cat's pajamas and always would be, but even then I spent a lot of time stalking LiveJournals just because I enjoyed reading about other people's opinions. These days I love reading blogs centered in different areas, and wadidoLA is absolutely my go-to for reading about LA.
A lot of you might be familiar with the Wadido site, which can keep you in the know about tons of events and happenings. However, wadidoLA posts exclusive content about all kinds of aspects of the Hollywood scene. The writers snark (deliciously), they praise, they rant (awesomely), and they inform.

You can learn about LA style, updates and information about events, product reviews, and, oh yeah, did I mention the rants? Because seriously, I love the rants!

The best part is that there's something for girls and guys. Check out #LAgirl or Bro's Only, depending on your preferences. Whatever you read, you'll love the fresh content, the acerbic snark, the wit, and the high style.

So check out the wadidoLA blog or head over to their Twitter page – you won't be disappointed!

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