10 Best Love Blogs for Women ...

By Meream

10 Best Love Blogs for Women ...


The perfect source for all things related to love, relationships, and sex. The categories range from innocent to steamy. I personally love the great advice given on just about any dating and sexual delimma out there.

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UNDERSTANDING MEN Men baffle me. My feelings for them range from undeniable adoration to guiltless rage. Thankfully, this blog has very helpful articles.


DEARSUGAR Dear Sugar is another great blog by the Sugar Network. It talks about many aspects of love, sex, and relationships. I personally enjoy the polls and discussing the sides with the other readers.


SUSIE and OTTO Susie and Otto are relationship coaches. Reading the situations they tackle on their blog are addictive because they hit home. Admittedly, I have gone through many of the issues that they have discussed and I have learned a lot from their advice.


BETTY CONFIDENTIAL The ladies behind this blog are wonderful. Reading their posts on love, sex, and everything in between feels like talking to your best girlfriends.


GLAMOUR - SMITTEN The blog posts here are easy to read and are of topics that anyone in a relationship can relate to. Well, there are dating fashion topics that your boyfriend will not get but you have to admit that they are important. I, for one, have been baffled far too many times about what to wear on a date.

7 EN and LO

EN and LO This blog's tagline is "Sex, Love, and Everything in Between." That surely nails what this blog is about. Em and Lo are love-and-sexperts. They have written books, stories for different publications, and have a TV show about sex coming out.


YOUR TANGO - LOVE BUZZ This blog has great articles on dating, love, and sex. The community of readers is also great.


FAMILIES This blog is focused on family life and everything else connected to it. Topics range from engagements, weddings, having date nights, having a career, marital tips, second marriages, and others. This is definitely a great resource on family life.


STRENGTHENING MARRIAGE The blog owner, Laura Brotherson, is a certified marriage and family life educator. The posts here are extremely helpful, no matter which part of marriage or family life you're having problems with. There are also romantic stories on how couples met and I just love reading those.

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Okay, so I'm 15 almost 16 and right before summer vacation I met a guy at my school, he was a senior so I knew he would be leaving for college in the fall. We started talking a lot but he had a girl friend, a few days after we hung out he broke up with her then took me out to a movie later in the week, but once I got home I got a text from him saying his family didn't think it'd be a good idea dating me when he was going off to college and he agreed, I took it pretty hard but the next day something click and I texted him saying that I know college is pretty scary and that i'll be there for him and how if all he wanted was to be close friends right now and see how it goes in the future then that's what i'll be. After I told him that he told me he really liked me and that he hoped something would happen with us in the future. So a little over a month before he was leaving for college he started coming over every other day till the night that he left... he spent most of his last night here with me.. It was so hard when he left because I have a ton of family problems and he was my rock, i was so... I don't even have the right words to explain it, so we talked a couple times after he left, mostly over the internet. After the first week or so he wasn't really online a lot and he never texts me back when I text him. So I thought he's probably just busy with homework or he's just hanging around with friends, because I know no one is going to sit in their dorm when they got a whole campus to explore for the first time. Two days ago I was at a football game and his friend was there and he said he was down for the weekend, so I texted him and still no response... so when I got home he was online and i started talking to him and i told him his friend told me that he was home for the weekend and he said he was and how maybe he could drop by the next day to see me and all the animals (I have a ton of animals and he is a really big animal person, another reason why im so head over heals for this guy) so I said i'd be home if he wanted to come over, and so i texted him yesterday morning and he texted me back.... weird because he never texts me anymore. so he came over and everything was like it was before, he teases me, and we just hangout and talk like we did over the summer, so when he leaves he gave me a hug, and a while later when I knew he was home I texted him saying Thanks for visiting and he said anyyytimmee and I said I missed seeing you and he said it'll be a while till next time because he only comes down once a month since he has to find a ride with friends.... when he left the first night he was leaving for college he told me he was going to miss me.... and now he said it's going to be a while till next time? It drives me crazy not knowing why he doesn't text me back or why he didn't say he missed me or at least hinted it because I really think he does miss me a lot he just doesn't want to talk to me a lot because he's scared he's going to really really start liking me and it's going to get in the way of homework and college. Does anyone have any advise because i've been so depressed ever since he left and i've been trying to make the best of it but it's so very hard to not see someone you really really really really like after being with them every other day and having the best time of your life. I also failed to mention in the blog that I'm graduating high school early and going to the same college and he is right now... kinda funny how that one worked out... He is just the most perfect person I could ever ask for and I can't ever think what my life would be like without him, I don't want to lose him and even if we can never be more then friends i'm okay with that because I would probably die without him. Can someone give me some advise here? Thanks

Love is being happy and comfortable with some one and you can just be yourself, no makeup, no fancy clothes, wake up next to them and think that you 2 are the only 2 people in the world that matter. Your heart races when you see them after an hour or a day apart, and you get butterflies when they kiss you, and at that moment you know you will be together foreverxxx Love is when they are your world... love is when that person doesn't complicate your life but they compliment it. When no matter what they have on they still look amazing to you. When you are with them time seems to fly but when you are apart it takes forevr to see them again. When even though they have made you mad or have hurt you, you can't help but love them. How when you see them your stomach still gets butterflies and you begin to smile no matter what mood you are in. When they touch you, you get cold chills all over. When the hardest thing to do is to say good bye. When everytime you blink their face is all you see and everytime you day dream they are all you dream about. When someone can look at you and see love in your eyes. When you can be clear across the room from them and know the second they walk into a room. When you can be in the middle of a conversation with someone and just glance at them and all of a sudden time begins to slow down and it becomes just you and him and that's the way you want it to be. When reality becomes better then a dream and life seems to good to be true. That's what love is. It's the feelings you only experience in those special moments that are spent with the one you love.

I love the great pieces of advice about dating or relationship, we all need some help regarding these issues.Love is complicated and not all the easy, I know that.

Awesome list! thanks for sharing :)

Okay, I am in highschool and there is this one guy I really really like. The guy I like is acually my bestfriend. We tell eachother everything. He even talks to me about girls he likes and asks me for advice. I always try to help him out because I want him to be happy, but it usually makes me unhappy that he sees everyone but me. I know that he sees me as a sister because he has told me. I act like I see him as a brother because I do not want him to know that I like him, especially since it could ruin our friendship. I am very Tom boyish and not girly at all, and he sees me "one of the guys". I don't want to change who i am just to get him to like me in a particular way. I don't expect to get advice or help, but it's nice to tell someone my...dilemma. I don't have another best friend to talk this out with, and I have major trust issues with people. But if I didn't tell someone, I think I was going to burst, and what better way to talk than a blog? Sometimes I feel like I don't know if I should smile because he is my friend, or cry because that's all we will ever be.  

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