10 Best Love Blogs for Women ...


10 Best Love Blogs for Women ...
10 Best Love Blogs for Women ...


The perfect source for all things related to love, relationships, and sex. The categories range from innocent to steamy. I personally love the great advice given on just about any dating and sexual delimma out there.

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UNDERSTANDING MEN Men baffle me. My feelings for them range from undeniable adoration to guiltless rage. Thankfully, this blog has very helpful articles.


Many women share these perplexing sentiments. It's as though men come from a different planet, with their cryptic signals and mind-boggling actions that leave us guessing and reeling. But fret not; here within the sisterhood of this community, we tackle the labyrinth that is the male psyche. From their fear of commitment to their love language, articles here shed light on the enigma. Embrace the journey to decode their thoughts and behaviors, and let’s navigate the complexities of love and relationships together, with a dash of humor and a wealth of shared experiences.



DEARSUGAR Dear Sugar is another great blog by the Sugar Network. It talks about many aspects of love, sex, and relationships. I personally enjoy the polls and discussing the sides with the other readers.


Dear Sugar is a blog that provides advice and insight into all aspects of love, sex, and relationships. It is part of the Sugar Network and is written by a team of experts to provide readers with the best advice and support. The blog also includes polls and discussion forums, giving readers the opportunity to share their thoughts and experiences with other readers. Dear Sugar is a great resource for women looking for advice and support on the topics of love, sex, and relationships. It is also a great place to connect with other women and discuss their experiences in a safe and supportive environment.


SUSIE and OTTO Susie and Otto are relationship coaches. Reading the situations they tackle on their blog are addictive because they hit home. Admittedly, I have gone through many of the issues that they have discussed and I have learned a lot from their advice.



BETTY CONFIDENTIAL The ladies behind this blog are wonderful. Reading their posts on love, sex, and everything in between feels like talking to your best girlfriends.


GLAMOUR - SMITTEN The blog posts here are easy to read and are of topics that anyone in a relationship can relate to. Well, there are dating fashion topics that your boyfriend will not get but you have to admit that they are important. I, for one, have been baffled far too many times about what to wear on a date.


EN and LO This blog's tagline is "Sex, Love, and Everything in Between." That surely nails what this blog is about. Em and Lo are love-and-sexperts. They have written books, stories for different publications, and have a TV show about sex coming out.


YOUR TANGO - LOVE BUZZ This blog has great articles on dating, love, and sex. The community of readers is also great.


FAMILIES This blog is focused on family life and everything else connected to it. Topics range from engagements, weddings, having date nights, having a career, marital tips, second marriages, and others. This is definitely a great resource on family life.


STRENGTHENING MARRIAGE The blog owner, Laura Brotherson, is a certified marriage and family life educator. The posts here are extremely helpful, no matter which part of marriage or family life you're having problems with. There are also romantic stories on how couples met and I just love reading those.

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I am inlove with a guy since from 2007 our relationship is 5 years now but there is no way forward we still hiding our relationship, my parents know about him but they are not aware if we still together. Now I feel like our relationship could be on the other stage because I am growing up I am tired of playing hide and sick, but my partner seems to far away from that. I can feel that he loves me but I am not sure if he sees that we are growing up and time is not waiting for us. What would you do if you were on this kind of relationship?

love is love love is never die, love is everyday for human and animals, it is can change the every one, but day by day peoples change, love is same.

ps : he was my first love <3 thats why its kindof hard to move on.

l like this guy in I was wondering did he like me. I was to shy to ask him. He stares at me alot in trys to get near me. When he can in always looks at me with sad eyes all the time. Can that mean he likes me.

I feel horrible that my blog didn't make it, lol. No actually, these are some really great blogs.

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