5 Bootiful Posts to BlogStalk ...


5 Bootiful Posts to BlogStalk ...
5 Bootiful Posts to BlogStalk ...

This post is sweet. A mix of love and fashion heaven.

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Now those are three words that bring a smile to my face. Check this post out to gaze at the beauties, er, booties.


Should They Stay or Should They Go?

Please help this lovely fashion blogger decide if she should keep her peep-toe, leopard print Ashish for Topshop shoes.


Well, no, just Cafe Fashionista's sneaky and thrifty ways coming into play.


over-the-Knee Beauties

There is no stopping this over-the-knee trend, is there? Well, might as well buy pretty and affordable ones.
Top Image by **Markusram**

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It'd be great if you could make one of those cardigans, I'd quite like one in black...

Oh, I am so going to spend the day looking through all of these - especially number five. You have posted something so delicious for me, yet extremely uhealthy for my bank account here, Meream. I love it! Thanks for featuring my post in the mix - such an honor! :)

I think you have inspired me to buy a pair of boots this fall/winter season! I havent had boots in a very long time...and I dont think they were ever the stylish type of boots...just the ones mom made me wear in the snow! Very cute boots in this posts...I love the flat ones like on Cafe Fashionista's page.

WOW! That photo is amazing!

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