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5 Cool Posts to Stalk Today ...

By Olga

1. Avoiding Calories**** ...
Divine Caroline wrote a fabulous piece called "Seven High-Calorie Beverages That Pack on Pounds", where they listed the most dangerous drinks that are out there to get us! You'll be surprised how many calories hide behind the cute stripy straws!
2. Celeb Guys Who Lost Their Hotness**** ...
Check out these "Bodies of Lies" from College Candy. You'll be shocked when you see these pictures of some hot men celebrities looking um... not so hot? I know I won't fantasize about the Harry Potter cuttie Daniel Radcliff any time soon!
3. Tips on Becoming a Twitter Goddess**** ...
****I don't know how good you are at Twitter, but I personally was at loss as to where to start. Thank god Mashable shared their "5 Steps for Better Tweeting" and now I feel like I know how to get my Twitter up and running!
4. Sexy Pics of Mr. Vampire?
****Are you a fan of "Twilight"? Than you'll surely have something to say on these "Sexiest Robert Pattinson Photos Ever" posted by Fashion Deals. Do you find them really sexy or are they just OK?
5. What Men Really Think**** (funny!) ...
Are you up for a little laugh? Then you totally need to see this clever post called "The Man Rules" from Suburban Grandma. Apart from being funny these rules are also oh, so true and SO classic! I am sure you'll find that a good 80% applies to your man as well!

Have you found some great celebrity pics, or heard of a new gossip or found a fabulous fashion or beauty deal? Please share these news with me and the rest of us, who love surfing the net!

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