5 Must Try Recipe Posts to BlogStalk...

1. Chocolate Peppermint Cookies

Not only do these cookies look great, I am betting all my Christmas gifts that they are yummy, too! Perfect recipe for making your home smell like Christmas.

2. Turkey Beef Taco

Two of my favorite types of food are Mexican and party. Okay the latter is not really a "type" but you get my drift. So what could be more perfect than a Mexican party food? Nothing, I tell you.

3. Easy Cheesecake

Any recipe that contains the word "easy" will have me all over it. I might just try this since the boyfriend's mom mentioned wanting cheesecake for Christmas dinner next week...

4. Turkey Burgers with Brie

How about some more Turkey yummy goodness? Perfect for impressing a date or a grill party with your friends.

5. Grenade

Festive and yummy cocktail drink for your holiday parties. Contains rum and little else. Obviously very easy to make.