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5 Must Try Recipe Posts to BlogStalk...

By Meream

1 Chocolate Peppermint Cookies

Not only do these cookies look great, I am betting all my Christmas gifts that they are yummy, too! Perfect recipe for making your home smell like Christmas.

2 Turkey Beef Taco

Two of my favorite types of food are Mexican and party. Okay the latter is not really a "type" but you get my drift. So what could be more perfect than a Mexican party food? Nothing, I tell you.

3 Easy Cheesecake

Any recipe that contains the word "easy" will have me all over it. I might just try this since the boyfriend's mom mentioned wanting cheesecake for Christmas dinner next week...

4 Turkey Burgers with Brie

How about some more Turkey yummy goodness? Perfect for impressing a date or a grill party with your friends.

5 Grenade

Festive and yummy cocktail drink for your holiday parties. Contains rum and little else. Obviously very easy to make.

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