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By Meream

1 the Easiest Way to Peel Potatoes

If you hate peeling potatoes as much as I do, you will find this tip very useful. Useful does not even begin to cover it. I say it's magical!

2 Perfect Excuses Not to Go down

Well, sometimes, you just don't want to please your man THAT way. Wanna know how to get out of it? Try these excuses.

3 Write a Better Resume

Writing one may come easy for others and really difficult for some. If you belong to the latter, try these 10 tips for improving your reume.

4 What Does "Time Apart" Mean?

If a guy asks for "time apart," do you panic? What does it mean? Find out some helpful advice from relationship counselors.

5 iPhone Apps to Help You This Holiday Season

If just thinking about what the holiday season entails is enough to get you frazzled, let these iPhone apps get you organized.
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