5 Holiday Ideas to BlogStalk ...

By Meream

1 How about Some Photo Booth Fun?

Here are some themes for photo booth fun with your friends and family. These are perfect ideas for making memories.

2 North Pole Cupcakes, Anyone?

Cupcakes with chocolate chips and peanut butter chips. What could be better?

3 Cookies for Decoration and Eating? Let's Make Some!

Not only do these cookies look good enough for hanging, I'm sure they are also scrumptious! Perfect sweets to make with your girl friends.

4 Who Doesn't Love Christmas That Smells like Cinnamon?

I know I do! If you do, too, try this apple caramel dip. Looks very easy to do and I'm sure everyone will love it.

5 Want to Know How Not to Give in to Temptation?

First, check if you are a "moderator" or an "abstainer." I am a definite abstainer so it helps for me to just avoid certain holiday foods in order to stick to my diet or to stay healthy. How about you?
Top Image by **brianjmatis**

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