5 Warm Posts to BlogStalk ...


5 Warm Posts to BlogStalk ...
5 Warm Posts to BlogStalk ...

for Those of the Gothic Persuasion

Want to keep warm in black, leather, and metal? Check these items. The best part: THEY ARE CHEAP.

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Stay warm without burning your savings away. This post comes with helpful pictures to help you round up a warm winter outfit.


Warm legs courtesy of legwarmers. Erase images of brightly-colored legwarmers (80's much?) because this season's legwarmers are chic and classy.


Check these wonderful tips on buying effective but pretty winter coats. You'll avoid frostbite and still remain worth biting.


How cute is this vampire face sweater? I will not wear it like Halle does here but I definitely want one.
Top Image by **circulating**

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I want Halle Berry's jacket. It's so cute! Also, a big yay to legwarmers from me too! :D

Number 3 and 4 sounds interesting! :) re:The tights were a gift, but I believe a pair costs around 1000 danish kroner in DK (not quite sure how much it would be in dollars).

Halle Berry's shirt is so cute! =K rawr! Legwarmers are a good idea for winter! although I do notice that all the models in the pic have bare legs.. =/ Brrr chilly!

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