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5 Warm Posts to BlogStalk ...

By Meream

1 for Those of the Gothic Persuasion

Want to keep warm in black, leather, and metal? Check these items. The best part: THEY ARE CHEAP.

2 for Those Who Are on a Budget

Stay warm without burning your savings away. This post comes with helpful pictures to help you round up a warm winter outfit.

3 for Those Who Want Warm Legs

Warm legs courtesy of legwarmers. Erase images of brightly-colored legwarmers (80's much?) because this season's legwarmers are chic and classy.

4 for Those Who Want to Stay Warm but Pretty

Check these wonderful tips on buying effective but pretty winter coats. You'll avoid frostbite and still remain worth biting.

5 and Speaking of Biting...

How cute is this vampire face sweater? I will not wear it like Halle does here but I definitely want one.
Top Image by **circulating**

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