7 Best Catty Blogs ...


7 Best Catty Blogs ...
7 Best Catty Blogs ...

There are a lot of cat lovers out there, and now we’re on the internet! Cat care, cat photos, cat breeds, videos and blogs feature widely. Here I’m going to pick out some of the best blogs for my fellow feline fans to have a look at.

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The Psycho Kitty Speaks out

This cat is one prolific blogger. Hardly a day goes by without Max sharing his thoughts on life, humans and everything. He is also generous enough to allow his cat and human companions space of their own to blog, but Max is the real star here. And he's very witty.


We Three, Ginger Cat Tales

We Three, Ginger Cat Tales This is a rather poetic blog about three ginger cats living in beautiful Wales. Perhaps the style is not surprising, as they share their lives with Martha, a writer and artist (plus other felines). There are some absolutely stunning photos of the ginger trio and friends outside in the countryside.


Franny’s Cat Blog

An informative blog, with lots of articles. Some are about individual cats, while others provide great info on cat care. For example, you can request an email course on how to care for a pregnant cat (I favor spaying a cat before she has the chance to get pregnant, but accidents do happen!). There is also a beautifully written article on how to deal with making the decision to euthanize a beloved pet, and the emotions that you will feel.


As a Feline Foster Mum Myself...

I’m very interested in the experiences of others doing the same job. Joey of All Things Catty is braver than me – she fosters mums and kittens! (I only take one at a time). As well as the inevitable pictures of cute kittens, there are snippets on cat history and other cat themes.


A Cat’s Blog is Written by Another Fosterer

A Cat’s Blog is Written by Another Fosterer The standout feature of this blog is the great Quotes of the Day illustrated by beautiful cat photos, my favorite being the following from Mark Twain.

‘If man could be crossed with the cat it would improve the man, but it would deteriorate the cat.’

How right he was …


We All Know Our Cats Have Secret Lives That We Don’t Know about

What is your cute little kitten getting up to behind your back? Agent Oreo is the star of this blog, which shows some of his adventures as a secret agent, stalking and hiding, and generally making sure that the world is safe.


I Have Pictures and Figures of Cats All over My Home

So I end with a couple of blogs featuring cat art. Cats are so beautiful and elegant that they make the perfect subject for art. Take a look at theextraordinarytourist.blogspot.com and bigcatart.blogspot.com The latter features, as the name suggests, big cats – well, our ‘domestic’ cats like to think of themselves as tigers!

Do you follow any cat blogs? Or do you write a blog of your own – on any subject?

Top Photo Credit: tryingtolearn USA

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ughhh will you stop with the cat posts? they annoy me i understand 1, or 2, or 3 but this is like the 8th time! it makes you look like you're obsessed about cats and that you're lonely lady

Why do you care so much? It's not like she held a gun to your head and forced you to click this post.

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