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7 Pros and Cons of Having a Cat ...

By Jennifer

Since I was a child, I’ve always had a cat. I even remember my first cat, named Peter Pan, a huge tabby with a sweet personality. I’m a dog person, too, so my clothes are almost always covered in cat or dog hair, but it’s so worth it. If you’re considering adopting a kitty, though, you ought to know that they’re not all fun and games… here are 7 pros and cons of having a cat…

1 Pro: They’re Low-Maintenance

Pro: They’re Low-Maintenance Photo Credit: wakethesun

Cats are famously low-maintenance. They typically don’t require a lot of attention, and you don’t need to spend a lot of time training them or playing with them. Also, unlike dogs, you can leave them at home for a day or more when you travel without asking someone to come over and feed them — they won’t eat everything in their food dish in one go, which is something all dogs will do.

2 Con: Two Words — Litter Box!

Con: Two Words — Litter Box! Photo Credit: Logan Fuller Photos

There is no chore I loathe more than cleaning the litter box. I’ve tried all of the gadgets and accessories that are supposed to make it easier, but none of them really work. Short of dumping the entire box every couple of days, there’s nothing easier or less smelly… but, ick!

3 Pro: They’re Affectionate

Pro: They’re Affectionate Photo Credit: desirable_redhead

While they can be so aloof at times, most cats are affectionate. They want a little attention and affection, and I’ve never met a kitty who didn’t love a good scratch along her chin. And is there anything sweeter than a cuddly kitty curled on your lap while you’re reading a book and drinking tea?

4 Con: Shedding

Con: Shedding Photo Credit: ak-photography

Unless you opt for a completely hairless Sphynx breed of cat, almost everything you own and will ever wear again will be covered in cat hair. If you have a white cat, your dark clothes will be covered. If you have a dark cat, your light clothes will look mangy. If you think you’ll be clever and get a medium-colored cat, then all of your clothes will be covered in fur. Sadly, no lint roller ever gets all the hair off…

5 Pro: They do Well in Apartments

Pro: They do Well in Apartments Photo Credit: Mondayne

Cats don’t usually need a lot of room, unlike most dogs, and since they use a litter box, they don’t need walkies, so they do really, really well in apartments, studios, flats, and small houses.

6 Con: the Declaw Debate

Con: the Declaw Debate Photo Credit: lynnlin

At some point, you’re going to have to take a stand on the Great Declaw Debate. One camp believes it’s terribly cruel to declaw cats, and the other believes it’s cruel to furniture NOT to declaw cats. My cats have all been front-paw declawed when they were kittens, and I’ve learned to deal with the guilt. One bit of advice: if your cat will be an outdoor cat, she will need at least her back claws to defend herself.

7 Pro: They Don’t Need Walkies

Pro: They Don’t Need Walkies Photo Credit: Studio Neko

Living in Michigan, famous for its harsh, snowy, freezing winters, I can’t stand the idea of walking a dog all year round. Luckily, cats don’t need walkies, and you won’t’ ever have to stand by an open door pleading with your cat to hurry up and do her business so she can come back inside.

After reading these pros and cons, have you decided whether or not a cat is the right pet for you? Or do you have any other pros and cons of cat ownership to share with someone else who might be debating? Please share!

Top Photo Credit: heather_hickory

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