10 Things about Cat Behaviour You Should Know ...


10 Things about Cat Behaviour You Should Know ...
10 Things about Cat Behaviour You Should Know ...

Many of us share our lives with cats, and yet have no idea of the reasons for some of the things they do. Here are some of the reasons behind cat behaviour.

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In Heat

Your female kitten starts to jump on you and miaow loud enough to wake the dead. She is in heat. Before she drives you mad, get her to the vet, as the time to sterilize her has come.



Hygiene Your cat starts to pee outside the litter tray. Usually, this is for one of two reasons. Either the cat is being territorial, or is telling you "Stop being lazy and clean that tray out, would you want to park your butt in that?"

Photo Credit: mek22


Marking You

Marking You The cat rubs around your legs when you come home. Aaah, how sweet, you think. Actually, you are being marked as the cat's possession. Know your place.

Photo Credit: ooppssyy


Trust Issues

When a cat rolls on its back and shows you its belly, it is not necessarily inviting you to tickle it. It is showing that it trusts you enough to reveal a vulnerable area.


Paw Play

Paw Play Ever wondered why your cat kneads with its paws when sitting on your lap? It is reverting to kittenhood, and acting as if it is feeding from its mother.

Photo Credit: pusspaw


Hunting Instincts

Hunting Instincts Not another dead bird or mouse corpse on the doorstep! Look, your cat sees you as a helpless little creature that cannot hunt for itself. In the feline mind, it is doing you a favor. (PS in real life, Jerry wouldn't have stood a chance).

Photo Credit: Fernando Felix


Nature Vs. Fun

Nature Vs. Fun Cats love playing, it seems. Have you ever met one that can resist chasing a piece of string? The cat, however, is simply exercising its hunting instincts rather than having fun.

Photo Credit: Stefan Tell


Making Friends

Making Friends If you want to show a cat that you are friendly, one of the best ways is to blink slowly. This shows the cat that you are comfortable in its presence, as you are not afraid to close your eyes and reduce your vision. If the cat does the same, it is likewise showing that it does not regard you as a threat.

Photo Credit: roseinthedark


Tail Affairs

Tail Affairs The cat moves its tail rapidly. This indicates that the cat is uncertain about something and not sure what course of action to take.

Photo Credit: pouryourheartintoit


Quick Bites

Quick Bites I've often wondered why my cat bites my arm (without breaking the skin). While it might not seem too endearing, she is actually showing great affection towards me.

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Have you ever wondered why your cats do certain things? What puzzles you about them?

Top Photo Credit: Stefan Tell

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