5 Important Things You Should Know...


5 Important Things You Should Know...
5 Important Things You Should Know...

Ugh! I hate them creepy-crawlies. They're probably the main reason why I never took to gardening despite my mom's not-so-subtle urgings. I should've read this years ago.

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I can imagine it's hard to stay fit when you don't want to deprive your kids of food that you yourself should avoid. Check out these tips for the perfect solutions.


This is a very useful link for those who are about to go to college. Take note of the other rules suggested in the comments because they are great, too.


Let's say you like someone who is a big Twilight fan. Want to impress her/him? Check out this Stephanie Meyer fact sheet to help you in your quest.


I have been buying a lot of hats but I have yet to actually wear them. Thankfully, I have this wonderful post by Gizelle to help me get some use out of the hats that are slowly taking over my little apartment.

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Everything was great until you mentioned "How to impress a twilight fan". That you absolutely DO NOT need to know how to do.

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