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5 Important Things You Should Know...

By Meream

1 How to Keep Creepy-Crawlies out of Your Garden

Ugh! I hate them creepy-crawlies. They're probably the main reason why I never took to gardening despite my mom's not-so-subtle urgings. I should've read this years ago.

2 How to Stay Healthy Even when Feeding a Family

I can imagine it's hard to stay fit when you don't want to deprive your kids of food that you yourself should avoid. Check out these tips for the perfect solutions.

3 How to Survive Dorm Life

This is a very useful link for those who are about to go to college. Take note of the other rules suggested in the comments because they are great, too.

4 How to Impress That Twilight Fan

Let's say you like someone who is a big Twilight fan. Want to impress her/him? Check out this Stephanie Meyer fact sheet to help you in your quest.

5 How to Make Your Wardrobe More Hat-Friendly

I have been buying a lot of hats but I have yet to actually wear them. Thankfully, I have this wonderful post by Gizelle to help me get some use out of the hats that are slowly taking over my little apartment.

I bet you have read some great posts lately that are chock-full of information. Share them with us by leaving a comment!

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