8 Things Everybody Needs to Know about STDs ...

Spending my teenage years as an activist of a very popular Anti AIDS organization has been a motivating and a frightening experience in the same time. Motivating, because there was so much young people in it and we were all trying very hard to educate others and frightening because I often came across people that just didn’t want to know anything… it was almost like they believed not knowing will save them from getting infected with one. Now, Internet hasn’t been so popular back then as it is now, and I really believe next generations will grow to be much more responsible and educated ones. And with the official Anti AIDS day, the 1st of December, close by, I just had to list some facts about STDs. I’m sure most of you know these things but let’s brush up on our knowledge once more. So, here we go…

1. Yeast Infection and Facts

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Almost all women suffer from a yeast infection in some point of their lives and some even have to go through a serious, long term battle against it. Unlike other STDs, a yeast infection can happen on its own so if you feel itching followed by a thick white discharge, do not panic but go see a gynecologist instead. When balanced, yeasts “live a happy life” in our vaginas not causing any problems. It’s their natural habitat and they contribute to maintaining a normal PH balance. Stress, long treatments with antibiotics and low immunity as well as some other, more serious health issues or hormonal changes could cause their number to grow. A yeast infection can be cured but it may come back again too. You can give it to your partner and, if you do, he’ll experience itching and redness too.

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