8 Dangers of Breast Implants ...


8 Dangers of Breast Implants ...
8 Dangers of Breast Implants ...

Breast implantation is the most popular choice amongst all the plastic surgery options available today. Doctors will tell you a few minor risks, but them shrug them off as if they're nothing to worry about. Here are 8 risks that I've found. Read them and tell if breast implants are something to be concerned about or not...

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Implant Rupture

90% of breast implants rupture in the course of 7-12 years, though for many they rupture even sooner than that. For many, even before rupture, the implants leak. Many women never know this is happening until they go in for another surgery. 69% of woman that have had breast augmentations had implants to rupture and never even knew it! This leads to a great deal of problems, even hardening of the breast! When silicone leaks into your body - lymph nodes, spinal fluid, brain, liver and ovaries, it becomes like glue!


Implants Are Highly Cancerous!

One study found a 21% increased risk of cancer in women who have breast implants. Another study found that woman who have had breast implants for at least 12 years are more likely to die from cancer, brain tumors and suicide!


Implants Delay Cancer Detection

Breast implants can keep mammograms from detecting 55% of tumors. But just having a mammogram in general can be dangerous, since it is highly capable of rupturing your implant.


Loss of Feeling

Some women actually have an increased sensitivity in their nipple area to the point of being too sensitive. But for many woman who get implants, sensitivity and feeling in the breast is lost altogether.



There have been many women who experienced chronic pain of the breasts after having implants. Even without the chronic pain, it is a painful process recovering from surgery. And with all the dangers of breast implants, having more than one surgery is almost guaranteed somewhere down the line.



Risk of infection is high with breast implants. There are a host of autoimmune diseases that one can get as well. Fungus infections caused by mold growths in the implant is another risk. Many infections lead to having to have the implants removed altogether.


Lack of Ability to Breastfeed

Though a few women have successfully breastfed after having implants, many women experienced lack of milk for breastfeeding. Studies show that women with implants are three times more likely to have an inadequate supply of breast milk for their babies. Furthermore, there are questions as to the safety of breastfeeding with implants. Some say it's dangerous.


There Are More Serious Risks

I found a site that told of a woman who started having problems the day after getting implants. She got insanely sick, had seizures, and even went into a coma for a couple days. She has since had 3 surgeries undoing what all started with a desire for something that she had not been endowed with. She says "I have talked to hundreds of women affected by implants - many among who will never work again, are crippled, have lost relationships, not able to take care of themselves or their families, had heart attacks and seizures, brain lesions, organ failures and transplants, been bedridden for months to years and developed tons of various diseases, all in the pursuit of physical perfection. I have talked to young girls, moms, Playboy models, and just regular people like me. None of us had known that breast implants could ruin our lives."

You may read her entire story at myimplantstory.com

It is in our human nature to want what we don't have. There will always be something we don't like about ourselves, no matter how beautiful we may be. But is having larger breasts really worth risking all this? What do you think?

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Thanks for the awareness.

I was thinking of getting implants to boost my chest to be a bit bigger IF they turn out to be A cups, but now I've changed my mind!

me like it

***IF YOUR CONSIDERING IMPLANTS-- READ THIS*** In regards to number 8, I've read tons of stories about breast implants that have resulted in changing the persons life 180 degrees for the worst! There was this one (not the one you posted), I can't remember where I read or saw it but a very athletic, pretty woman.. who in my opinion already had nice size breasts, got implants to boost up her self confidence and make her feel more womanly. It turned for the worst shortly after she had completely "recovered". She had gotten so sick and was so weak. She couldn't even due normal work around the house due to getting so weak she had to go lay down. She had to quit her job and shortly after- she was in a wheelchair. She tried to have the implants removed and the silicone and gotten into other parts of her body so much that once they were removed it didn't make much of a difference. Now she has to live her life with about enough energy at a time to hardly take a shower. No doctor can tell her when, or even IF, the silicone will work its way out of her body. She can only hope that it does. ***IF YOUR CONSIDERING IMPLANTS-- READ THIS*** It's stories like that, that young women who want to get implants need to read. And for those that are considering them- YOU are beautiful just the way you are. Real is much more sexier than fake, even if you are an A cup. Studies show that woman with smaller breasts have more sensitivity in them, compared to those with even C or D cups, and especially those with fake ones. I believe it was either the February or January issue of Cosmopolitan that had an article on why woman with small breasts are more attractive now. And plus- men like REAL. If he loves you (or likes you) for YOU then your breast size won't matter to him. I myself have a small B cup and my ex boyfriend always told me they were the perfect size, he had also had the experience of previously having a relationship with a woman that had gotten implants (to a D cup) while they were together. He said "I hated them, sure they were big and nice to look at, but when it came to sex- sometimes they got in the way and were annoying because they would sometimes smack me in the face". And seriously that was exactly what he said! My advise to you if you still want to get implants after reading this article and what I've said above is: Instead of Googling 'breast implant information' or something, try searching 'breast implant horror stories' or 'breast implant failures' or something along those lines. And REMEMBER- You are beautiful JUST THE WAY YOU ARE!!!

Thanks for the information. Many people are told that breast implants are harmless.

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