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10 Things about Your Period You Should Know ...

By Melanie

Have you just got your period for the first time and you would like to learn some information about periods? Perhaps you are just curious? Below, I am going to give you 10 things about periods (menstruation) you should know…


Most girls receive their periods between the ages of eleven and fifteen. However, it is not abnormal if you are eighteen before you get your first period. You could also be as young as ten…


When your period starts for the first time, for the first couple of years, it could be irregular. This means that you could miss your period for two months or have two periods that are close together.


Expect that period to occur thirteen times in a year. This is because they work in twenty eight day cycles.


While PMS is not a myth, it has been exaggerated. It is really more physical than it is emotional. It includes things such as bloating, cramping, elevated body temperatures, skin breakouts and water retention. Though there are methods to fight PMS, there isn't a one-size-fits-all cure.


It is possible, although highly unlikely that you can get pregnant if you have sex during your period. However, you should never chance this, because there is that small chance…


Cramps can be extremely harmful. I remember actually missing school because the cramps were so bad. For this, my doctor recommended Naproxen, which is an anti-inflammatory.


If you are having real bad cramps, then birth control can help lessen those effects. It can also help make those irregular periods regular.


As I read questions on some of the popular blogs, I find that many girls who got their period for the first time are a bit confused when it comes to tampons and virginity. I understand that you as an adult or a teen that had had your period for years may think this is funny, but there are girls that are confused. When you use tampons, that does not mean that you will no longer be a virgin.


No matter what, if you use tampons, you should not leave them in for more than eight hours. When you use them for an extended time, this could cause you to develop a disease that is called Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS).


A period is completely natural and is a regular fertility cycle that occurs in females. It is the expulsion of an egg that has not been fertilized as well as the uterine wall tissue with blood. During your period, it may seem that you are losing a lot of blood during this time, but you are really only losing between four and six tablespoons of blood. The rest of it is all water and tissue.

Are there any questions that you have about periods? If you are a young girl, then you can easily ask me a question and none of your friends are going to see it because you do not have to put your real name. I will try my best to answer any question or concern that you may have…

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