10 Facts on How Pimples Are Formed ...


10 Facts on How Pimples Are Formed ...
10 Facts on How Pimples Are Formed ...

Honestly, you may think the universe is punishing you when you get those pimples on your face, but its really not, I promise you. There is really some biological reasons as to why you get pimples on your face. Here is 10 facts on how pimples are formed…

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As I read a lot of information, I am finding that hormones have a tendency to be the number one reason behind pimples.


Oil and Dead Skin Gets Trapped

Pimples form when oil and dead skin gets trapped in the pores. The buildup continues deep inside of your pore with the secretion of sebum. This is a oil that is actually used to protect and waterproof hair.



Stress not only has a mental effect on people, but it also has a physical effect on the body. When your body is stressed, it activated those adrenal glands and produces adrenal. Adrenaline causes those sebaceous glands to create extra sebum.



Different people have different pore structures and skin cell makeup. The genetic trains has a big thing to do with the makeup and structure. Conditions such as oily skin or dry skin can affect how frequently you get pimples.



Many overlook hygiene and say that it does not cause pimples. Well, if you do not wash your face daily, then you could get pimples. Washing your face each day helps regulate the sebum and oil that is produced.


Digestive Tracks

When reading how pimples are formed, I learnt that it starts in the digestive tracks.


Oil, Bacteria and Dead Cells

Pimples form when a collection of dead skin cells, oil and bacteria are trapped in the pores. The lining of the hair follicle is known for shedding a layer of skin each day!


Rubbing Your Face

Did you know that rubbing your face when you are washing it can cause pimples to form? This is another thing that I learnt when I read how pimples are formed.


Touching Your Face

When you touch your face, you could cause pimples to form. It is best to refrain from touching your face during the day with your fingertips. When you apply your foundation, use a makeup pad.



There are certain types of makeup and other skin products that cause me to have pimples. Your skin is different, so I’m not able to tell you exactly which products do this to you.

How pimples are formed sometimes is out of our control as pimples can sometimes be found in our genes. If you have a problem with pimples, then you can find many products that can help you out. I know just how frustrating the problem can be. Maybe this list will also tell you some things that you should avoid. How many of you out there have had a problem with pimples?

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Hey Neila, If it's not a serios problem and you don't have so much of those pimples, try to contine with your products and give them some time to work out on you. Changing different products isn't the best solution especially cause you're still young. I sayif the problem increases go to your dermatologist and ask him what kind of products you need. He will surly guide you in the best direction love :)

I hate pimples and I'm tired of using good products to no sucess! :(

Hi!! I just got some new face wash. It's the nuetrogena face bar soap, and i also use the 8 hour face pads. i wash in the morning with just the pad, and at night with the bar soap and pad (because the soap dries the skin a bit). I just started using them about a week ago. I'm 15 years old and i don't have a huge problem with acne. but i do have very oily skin, and i just started breaking out with little dots all over my forehead. they don't look red or anything, they're just little bumps. i had them on my cheeks but these products cleared it up. but it has gotten worse on my forehead, should i try a different product?

My zits are the fault of makeup, touching my face, hormones, stress and oil! Drinking 4 cups pure water everyday miraculously clears up my face! (:

I almost always blame my hormones.

Hi,everyone I'm 15 and I'm using clean & clear black head clearing daily scrub and for pimples I'm using again clean & clear oil free face wash. It really works.can any one tell me how to get rid of my oily nose.please

Sheila, Yeah I know. But sometimes they really get me down! :S

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