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5 Best Emergency Remedies for Pimples ...

By Kati

Everyone has felt that utter horror when you notice that you've got a pimple, and it's always the day before an interview, a date, a photograph...I've searched the books and the internet to find cures, and here's my top five best emergency remedies for pimples!

Table of contents:

  1. toothpaste!
  2. honey!
  3. eye drops!
  4. vinegar!
  5. oatmeal!

1 Toothpaste!

Dot a very small amount of toothpaste onto the pimple before bed, and when you wake up it should have drastically reduced in size. Moisturize your skin, and then apply make up as normal, including concealer if necessary!

2 Honey!

Dab a small amount of honey on the pimple as soon as the head becomes visible. Wrap a bandage around it, and go to sleep. When you wake up, it'll be gone! Again, moisturize afterwards!!

3 Eye Drops!

Refreshing eye drops, especially Visine, will reduce the redness and swelling of the pimple, which is perfect if you are already out and have a real emergency! Then cover in concealer if necessary.

4 Vinegar!

Use a very small amount, as it could sting otherwise. If you have sensitive skin, boil water in a pan and add vinegar. Boil, take off the heat and put your face over the pan.

5 Oatmeal!

Cook oatmeal, and apply to the face. Wait until its cool enough, first! Leave for around fifteen minutes and then wash off, the swelling and redness should be gone and the zip visibly reduced!

So as long as you follow the instructions, your pimple nightmare should turn into a dream! Be careful applying make up over a pimple, as it can make it worse, and make sure you moisturize skin afterwards, as drying it out can cause more spots.

Do you know another emergency remedy for a pimple? Please share it with me!

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