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5 Ways to Be Nicer to Your Body ...

By Meream

1 Try These New Workout Trends

I am seriously considering exergaming. Computer games that help you stay fit? I'm so in!

2 Know Good Diet Advice from Bad

Example: "If you must eat fudge, be sure and wash it down with a Diet Coke." Brilliant, huh?

3 Deal with Hangover

If you had too much to drink last night, you're probably too weak (read: dehydrated) to even scroll down the page right now. Check this post to help you deal with hangover.

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4 Monitor Your Coffee Intake

You may be dropping in on Starbucks more than you know and jeopardizing your health. Scary thought.

5 Trust Us, Don't Forget the Sunscreen

Don't use the bottle you bought last year, though. For more SPF tips, check this great post.
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