5 Ways to Be Nicer to Your Body ...



I am seriously considering exergaming. Computer games that help you stay fit? I'm so in!

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Example: "If you must eat fudge, be sure and wash it down with a Diet Coke." Brilliant, huh?


If you had too much to drink last night, you're probably too weak (read: dehydrated) to even scroll down the page right now. Check this post to help you deal with hangover.


You may be dropping in on Starbucks more than you know and jeopardizing your health. Scary thought.


Trust Us, Don't Forget the Sunscreen

Don't use the bottle you bought last year, though. For more SPF tips, check this great post.
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Awesome tips! I'm all about getting super healthy this new year!

Resist cookies temptation and go exercise more often. At least this is what my body wants :))

Get fit is one of everyone's resolutions. And wii fit helps and makes it fun at the same time (:

Well yeah....I forgot to say I don't drink coffee...never did, and I don't smoke either so...if I can manage to go to gym at least 3 times a week, it will be great. A new gym is opening tomorrow 2 min away from my house. So, it should be a good reason to go, but I hope they don't have huge prices...cause it's in center

I have totally cut down Coffee. This days I only drink green tea or plain water to feel refreshed. I need to pay closer attention to sunscreen.

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