8 Great Alternative Therapies ...


8 Great Alternative Therapies ...
8 Great Alternative Therapies ...

I’m a great believer in alternative therapies, the reason being because they work. Of course, not all of them will suit every person, so you may have to try a few out to find the one for you. Here’s my pick of complementary therapies.

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If you are worried about the idea of having needles in your skin, I can tell you that it doesn’t hurt. In fact, I found it so painless that I once nearly walked away with a needle still behind my ear. Any discomfort can usually be alleviated by placing the needle in a slightly different point.



Again, I can testify to how efficient this is, as I used to use it for hay fever. Many sceptics rubbish the principle behind homeopathy, but it certainly dealt with my symptoms. Over the counter remedies may work for you, although I found that having the tablets made for me by a homeopath was better. I’ve even used them successfully on pets – and they don’t believe in the placebo effect!



The first time I tried this I was suffering from a medical problem (I’ll spare you the gruesome details), and was willing to try anything. I didn’t expect the reflexology to work, but it was amazing. I’ve known it be effective for all sorts of complaints, and it’s also incredibly relaxing … as long as you’re not squeamish about feet!


Indian Head Massage

If reflexology doesn’t appeal to you, then try a head massage. It really is amazingly relaxing. You can also try some of the techniques on yourself – there is a very good movement for headaches, for example.


Bach Flower Remedies

You may have heard of the famous Rescue Remedy, a blend of five flowers, which is used for nerves and shock. I’ll admit it doesn’t work for me, but I know several people who find it very effective. There are 38 remedies in all, each aimed at a different type of person or emotional state.



Oh my god, this is the most relaxing experience ever. I don’t think it’s just the fact that you get to lie down and do nothing! Reiki practitioners believe that they act as a conduit for energy. This might sound like nonsense, but try it and you’ll see …



It is no exaggeration to say that one single session of hypnotherapy changed my life. That one session did not magically cure my fear of flying, but it helped me get on a plane and realise that I could cope. Now I fly without thinking anything of it.



If you don’t like the idea of acupuncture, then you could try this needle-free alternative. Pressure is applied to precise points. If you’ve ever used those wrist bands for travel sickness, then you’vea lready used acupressure!

Alternative therapies can be very helpful with many conditions, but don’t forget that sometimes it’s necessary to visit your doctor. Also, you should never stop prescribed medicine without consulting your doctor. Another term is ‘complementary medicine’, which shows that conventional and alternative can work very well together.

What therapies have you tried? Is there something you swear by?

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