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8 Tips for Dealing with Hayfever ...

By Kati

I hate hayfever. I’ve suffered with it every year since I was little, and while the treatments available do help a little, they rarely stop it completely and I hate taking so many tablets! I’ve been looking into some more natural cures and preventions, and here are the eight that are working the best for me...

1 Vaseline up!

Vaseline up!Photo Credit: TheDamnMushroom

While this might sound weird, I can confirm it works. Try adding a dab of Vaseline just inside your nostrils, being careful not to make your nose look shiny. The Vaseline will collect any pollen, and prevent it from going up your nose and making you sneeze, or causing irritation. It feels a little odd at first, but you’ll soon forget its there, and it’s fantastic!

2 Wash Your Hair

Wash Your HairPhoto Credit: gia_365days

Regularly wash your hair during the Summer, as it can collect pollen at a very fast rate, and this pollen can then irritate your face at night. I wash mine just before I go to sleep, so that I get the best sleep possible, without the days pollen attacking me!


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3 Bionase

BionasePrice: $80 at
This is an odd solution...aimed to stop the effects of hayfever, this machine has two light emitting diodes attached which you place up your nostrils three times a day. It does completely stop all symptoms, and make breathing easier, all without using medication or having any side effects. It’s expensive, however, and not at all attractive to do. Hmmm...

4 Sterimar

SterimarPrice: $12 at
This is quite easy to use, and is small enough to carry around with you. It’s a nasal spray, which is made of pure sea water. It gently massages and cleanses your nasal passages, which makes it much easier to breathe...and it really works! I was symptom less within minutes, and didn’t need to re-use until that evening.

5 Quercitin – C

Quercitin – CPrice: $20 at
This is a relatively new medication, designed to prevent hayfever. It contains natural ingredients which prevent a histamine build up, and the tablets are relatively well priced considering you get 90. They worked quite well for me, despite me finding them hard to swallow, and the bad flavour!

6 Allerclear Eye Drops

Allerclear Eye DropsPrice: $8 from
These eye drops are perfect for cancelling out the panda eyes that hayfever usually brings. You can wear them with contact lenses in, and they are even suitable for children. They contain Eyebright, a herb which refreshes the eyes, and the drops promise to keep eyes clear and prevent itchy, red eyes. I’m always a bit nervous about eyedrops, but these worked a treat!

7 Oralmat Drops

Oralmat DropsPrice: $40 at
A different type of drops, these ones go underneath your tongue. They contain natural, herbal ingredients such as Rye grass, which helps to boost your immunity and fight allergens which create symptoms such as a blocked nose, itchy eyes...they are quite expensive, but they started to work for me relatively fast and they are so easy to use you can do it anywhere.

8 Hayband

HaybandPrice: $20 at
I’ll admit that I was sceptical about trying this. Wearing it on my arm would stop hayfever completely? It just seemed too easy! It did work, though. You wear the band around your elbow, and it applies a gentle, constant pressure which relieves your symptoms until you take it off. It’s washable, and it seems to be quite tough...the easiest solution by far!

Well, after trying all these different tips, lotions and solutions, there’s certainly no excuse for going back to tablets. After all, there is so many other things to try! Have you tried any of these solutions, or found another way to stop hayfever? Please let me know!

Top Photo Credit: Lord Ivan

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